Even More on Nolcha Fashion Week & The Designers!

Nolcha Fashion Week is fast approaching, Sept. 8-10! I’ve had such fun writing about and getting to know the many designers taking part with NFW. Here are some of my other pieces —

Even with all of this, there are still more to designers to get to know, from the runway to taking part with the Fashion Lounge!

fotoile   ILE MIRANDA

Ile Miranda is a designer brand rich with historical relevance and is a timeless expression of individuality.


BAXTER DESIGNS   baxter-designs-designer-profile

Simply clean totes & handbag styles, with bold colors & patterns, that’s Baxter Designs.


Daya-Amber-1R_1024x1024         DHARMA EYEWEAR

Get to know the vintage & cultural hybrid aesthetic of Dharma Eyewear — practical fashion!


JESS RIZZUTI     jess-rizzuti

Jess Rizzuti is a luxury accessories brand, handbags that convey quality & style, also craftsmanship and affordability!




Eva Shaw Designs is a jewelry brand that is 100% Made in NYC and globally conscious.


PLOOSH                       gallery_5_photos3_90478_large

Ploosh is all about playful luxury — a whimsical handbag that brings you back to your childhood days!


lylajarn      LYLA JARN

Lyla Jarn signatures — luxury, feminine, self-expression, playful prints, unique quality, energizing textures, glamor, & innovative design.


More on Nolcha Fashion Week — Oh This is Ladies’ Night!

Nolcha Fashion Week will for sure offer some amazing menswear fashion to view, as I wrote about last week, but just know, the ladies in the crowd will not be forgotten! There are definitely a few womens’ apparel designers we should take a closer look at and get to know! Women are very dynamic and can be even more dynamic when it comes to “What to Wear”! So whether you are in the mood to be bold with pops of color, go the sexy chic sophisticated route, or be super fun, flirty, & playful, these 3 dynamite womenswear brands are ones I recommend to check out — Sofía Arana, Rinat Brodach, & Katty Xiomara!






Sofía Arana



Brand founder and designer Sofía hails from Puerto Rico, which explains so much about her design aesthetic and resulting looks — full of bold color and pizzazz. I can fully understand her excitement to debut in NYC for this fall fashion week thru Nolcha!


Sofía Arana uses color very well with each of her looks, but what’s also eye-catching is her take on classic cuts & silhouettes — playing with the classic lines, taking a modern twist, and giving each look some true flare! In fact, Arana puts her own vision into the perfect words — developing “unique picturesque designs that respond to actual trends, while keeping the integrity and simplicity of the different silhouettes.” It’s so important for a designer to be true to themselves, but to also make clothes that are on trend so that women will buy them. I can’t imagine women not lining up to purchase Sofía Arana,


There is definitely a true signature style presence with this brand, again, put best in Arana’s own words — “Whimsical yet classy style for the young woman who appreciates casual elegance and a romantic vibe.” I see all of this throughout the various looks, and what woman wouldn’t want whimsy classy style, complete with elegance! Arana describes her inspirations as being from nature, art, and vintage. Again, all being completely present and seen within each look.


I am very excited to see what Arana presents at fashion week in a couple of weeks! I’m sure we are in for more amazing uses of color, intricate takes & twists on classic cuts/silhouettes, & more!




Rinat is another talented designer who is making a 1st appearance at fashion week for Nolcha! She has had a lifelong passion for fashion and being a designer so launching her brand in 2012 & now debuting at fashion week are I’m sure both dreams come true for this young talent! Rinat Brodach pieces are all about allowing a woman to feel both confident and sexy, it’s chic sophistication, but making sure sensuality is not bottled up on the inside!


Rinat is for sure a fan of draping and wants each piece to tell a story thru this technique. Draping also allows any woman wearing one of the brand’s pieces to stand out, look very stunning and be very eye-catching. The pieces are definitely high fashion and very much true to the original inspirations of art, people, and as Rinat states, “everything that moves.”


Make sure to check out more pieces from Rinat Brodach, but also some stunning and intricate accessories!


Katty-Xiomara    KATTY XIOMARA

And to round out this up close featurette for Nolcha, we have a repeat contender making another Nolcha presentation, Katty Xiomara. I was very happy to have covered Katty’s prior Nolcha presentation and am super excited to see what she has to present this go round! I know it will be more of the brand’s signature style — playfulness, fun, flirty, girly, and pieces that just make you smile!


The brand is certainly growing, and of course I am always intrigued to see more from Katty Xiomara. There is a lot that this brand represents, but oddly enough, I still see 1 clear vision and style — an “elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic woman.” Artsy contours and small details bring out the playful side of the pieces. Sweetly ironic and sarcastic qualities bring out the flirty & fun aspect seen throughout the looks. It’s sensual and feminine, defined primarily by mixing patterns, textures, and colors.


While the Katty Xiomara woman certainly displays a fun side, this woman is still all about confidence, truly being able to show off an artsy hip vibe.





Nolcha Fashion Week Updates & Closer Looks – It’s Raining Men….swear



NFW will be here sooner than you think!! My COUNTDOWN has begun! Each week until this amazing showcase of talented designers ensues, Fashion Nexus will be here to provide updates and closer looks at the various designers presenting. Check out my various intro pieces thus far and get to know Monstruosite better!

But for this post, I’m so eager & excited to take a closer look at 4 phenomenal menswear brands presenting this year — Alberto Pants, Carl Gross, Codice, & Haupt. I’m sure more of you are just as excited! But first, there is one more designer to add to the overall line-up and here is that designer’s intro –













Oiselle is another designer brand who has shown with Nolcha before, showcasing looks not often seen on the runway, but which still deserve a spotlight! Oiselle is a feminine fierce athletic apparel brand for women who love to run and race.


Now onto some menswear, where the male models I’m sure will be the cherry on my sundae, the butter for my popcorn, :)!!! First up Haupt!


Haupt’s brand is very gracious for the opportunity to showcase their woven menswear shirts. And I have no doubt each piece will be top-notch since this a shirt-only company! The brand is based in Lippstadt, Germany and was established back in 1926 — that’s 88 years in the menswear business! It’s a small family-owned business, but with that, sole focus has been on the designs, the shirts — attention to each and every detail!


Haupt seeks to create beautiful and high quality shirts that are a marriage of both European and American styles. The pieces are not over-the-top or over-designed, but rather are practical and wearable. But even being a smaller, family-owned business, that doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t have some major clientele. Haupt is worn by many NFL players in fact!


Today, the company is run by the founder’s grandson, Georg Haupt. The design team consists of Birgit Glaser, who is known for having a great eye for color. And also, there is Bernd Schaefer, who has fit & modeling down. There is no surprise that the brand has such a balanced design thanks to this male/female dynamic duo. I can’t wait to see some amazing and well-crafted menswear pieces from the brand’s runway presentation!


Next up is Codice!


Pictured above is the talent behind this dynamic menswear brand, Giorgio Filippi. Codice is based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, but Giorgio is ready to showcase his work at none other than Nolcha Fashion week during NYFW! The brand is all about being contemporary, having a modern fit, and of course, being wearable. But Codice still keeps “Fashion” in mind, maintaining impeccable design!


So in thinking of the signature style of CODICE, know it’s the embodiment of a polished, sophisticated ease. The brand truly hallmarks that of Italian style in a clean, spare, yet never overly basic collection of knit tops, t-shirts, polos & fine gauge sweaters. Each design is very unique, with noticeable details, for which Codice pays a great deal of attention to.


Codice is presenting its Spring 2015 collection, which is inspired by all things vintage, but with a modern design aesthetic. I’m ready to see these polished and stylish menswear looks!


Now let’s take a look at Carl Gross!

Carl Gross is another German-based menswear brand, Hersbruck, Germany to be specific. The brand pushes for and seeks to find relaxed elegance. Each piece is all about fashion, comfort, and quality. Showing in NYC, at Nolcha Fashion Week, will mark the first US entry for the brand!


The brand is a specialist when it comes to jackets & suits. I can’t wait to see their latest collection, maybe even with looks for kids!!


And finally, we have Alberto Pants!


It must be that Germany is the country to go to for menswear. Of these 4 menswear brands, 3 of the 4 are based in Germany. And with Alberto, it’s specifically Monchengladbach, Germany. And just as with the other brands, Alberto has also been in the menswear business for quite some time, 1922, and is also a family-run company. The brand is legendary for its amazing fit!


In seeking to create this perfect fit, Alberto has a streamlined process of using high quality, exciting fabrics, attractive buttons, harmonious yarn colors, beautifully produced lining and great craftsmanship. And details are of the utmost importance when it comes to crafting the pants, yarn to fabric, wash to hardware. With inspiration for this upcoming collection the brand is happy to never have a lack of being inspired. The endless supply comes from traveling, walking the streets of various places.


The brand offers 4 categories from which their male clients can choose from — chino, slim, premium business jeans, and smart dressy. There is also an entire collection dedicated solely to golfwear. Alberto has also experienced quite a bit of featured press from major publications — Myself magazine, GQ, TM, InStyle, & more!






An Up Close Look at Monstruosité & More on Nolcha Fashion Week



So my first couple of posts are up for Nolcha Fashion Week, introducing the fashion week event & continuing the countdown with even more designers set to present. There are a couple of more designers added to the line-up and I will get to them at the end of this post. But for now, let’s take an even closer look and get to know even better one of the designer brands presenting at NFW — Monstruosité.


Monstruosité was launched in 2010 by designer and creative director Dolly Donshey, with a clear vision and mission of being a high fashion millinery brand. The main focus was to look beyond the actual design, to bring the concepts to life by integrating music, art, and theatrical elements. Monstruosité pieces have such a keen eye to the details and are always pushing the boundaries by experimenting with the unexpected. The company releases two lines seasonally, a couture line of statement pieces especially created for celebrities, stylists, and fashionistas around the globe, and a ready-to-wear collection for the everyday woman to look both confident and sexy.

10347715_712676452101951_5682326755070216638_n                             MonstruositeDollyDonsheySpringSummer12-04


 Again, the creative eye and visionary talent behind Monstruosité is Dolly Donshey. Dolly studied the art of hat-making under renowned milliner Jan Wutkowski. As far as Dolly & Monstruosité being a part of Nolcha Fashion Week, here is what she has to say — “My team and I are so excited to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week because this event truly embodies the energy and creativity of independent designers and gives us a platform to share our vision to the world.”

11499_584260734943524_359997391_n                                                    DSC_4675


There is a likely unknown, yet fun fact about Monstruosité that I’m sure you would be surprised to know — I certainly was! The concept for every collection is conceived and solidified within about & ONLY 15 minutes. WOW! It of course takes time to then bring the concept to life and full form, but rarely is there a deviation from the original concept or design plan. Make sure to check out all of the brand’s previous collections, from “Frostbite” to “Cycles” to “Lola.”  You can also check out and enjoy some fun fashion films about the brand. And there are also several categories you can shop from if you see some pieces you enjoy — “Statement”, “Casual”, “Matrimony”, “The Races”, & “On Sale” pieces. Or you can take part of a full one-on-one special process and place a “Custom Order.”

10533490_712643192105277_5393177550339994144_n                                             10418225_712672452102351_4453659391231972559_n


 Monstruosité has received quite a bit of featured press, from celebs such as Carmen Electra donning one of the brand’s creations to major features in publications such as Zink, Gothesque, Vogue, Coco, En Vie, & more! The brand truly does create some very unique pieces. It would be hard not to stand out as a major fashionista in a Monstruosité original. Make sure you keep fully updated with the brand thru social media — you can check out its Tumblr page, Like on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter.

10527298_712647932104803_5754021791608003694_n   _MG_06681796562_652458768123720_152828623_n


So remember, as Monstruosité would say, THOU SHALT BE MONSTROUS!!

And now, let’s check out 2 more designers who are in the line-up to present for Nolcha Fashion Week.

HAUPT                                                                                 haupt

Haupt speaks to a casual elegance, a designer brand focused on high quality and wearable shirts.

34613_orig                                                        1854234_orig

katty-xiomara-designer-profile                                        KATTY XIOMARA

The Katty Xiomara woman is Elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic.

katty-xiomara-nolcha-fashion-week-doost-lace-skirt                                                                 PBN_0405-s-682x1024







Countdown to Nolcha Fashion Week Continues………………Sept. 2014



That’s right, the countdown continues, and now, there are even more designers set for Nolcha Fashion Weeks’s line-up. My first Nolcha Fashion Week piece from last week introduced the fashion extravaganza and some of the designers who are ready to showcase their amazing talents and work. And let’s not forget about the amazing sweepstakes that’s ongoing for NFW, from partnerships with Biovea, Adrian London, & Neulook. You can check out my full piece on the Biovea giveaway here, but here are the basics — ENTER & here is what you win —

  • a $3000 Visa gift card
  • 2 VIP passes to Nolcha Fashion Week
  • & tons of other goodies!

But now, let’s check out some more designers set for NOLCHA FASHION WEEK —

                                           CHARLES & RON                                                       charles-and-ron

The Charles & Ron brand invite you, to be a part of the brand’s Mediterranean lifestyle — feminine silhouettes & modern graphic prints.



This is not Mariana Valentina’s first time at Nolcha Fashion Week, but the brand is back, 3rd year in a row, & ready to empower women with its bold & confident pieces!


                                               RINAT BRODACH                                                          rinat-brodach

The Rinat Brodach brand seeks to inspire women to lead from the heart, and to feel confident, secure, and sensual.


sofia-arana          SOFIA ARANA

Sofia Arana pieces are all about whimsical and classic silhouettes — different cuts, details, and flares to develop picturesque designs.


Nolcha Fashion Week is growing each year, and this year will no doubt be a huge success! The event has received some major press over the past couple of years, such as Good Morning America, US Weekly, The NY Times, Lucky Magazine, The Huffington Post, Glamour, and more! And of course no event can experience any level of success without a strong team to put the pieces altogether. And this includes work and help from Event Sponsors, and Nolcha Sponsors are of course top-notch: Skinny Girl Sparklers, Adrian London, Air Europa, Fashion Beauty Monitor, Neulook, Bellaforma Wine, Mahnanny, Franciacorta wine, Smart Water, AOF Makeup, DonQ rum, Kusmi Tea, and Zico Coconut water.







The Countdown Begins……Nolcha Fashion Week — Sept. 2014


Yes, that’s right, let the countdown begin — in less than 3 months, Nolcha Fashion Week will be back, Sept. 2014, at Chelsea Piers in NYC! This week I announced a huge sweepstakes that Biovea is taking part in. But NFW is very much a part of this collaborative sweepstakes, as you could win 2 VIP passes to the many fashion runway presentations being put on by NFW. The event is clearly a “can’t miss!!”


Nolcha Fashion Week is a leading, awarding winning event, held during NYFW. It’s a time for independent designers to showcase their amazing creations and collections. And trust me, there are always great looks that come down the runway. I have definitely found some faves from attending and covering for Fashion Nexus in the past couple of years — Dany Tabet, Leka, Claire Farwell London, Intrepid by Ao’c, KARO swimwear, Danilo Gabrielli, and more!

pbn_4542          PBN_6329             PBN_4255-s

PBN_2363-s          PBN_2573-s         PBN_8117-s

This year’s lineup I’m sure will be just as great —



Alberto creates menswear with a desire to create the perfect pant that fits every man!


VANESSA TEYE FOR “B’VENAJ”                                bovenaj

B’venaj is all about celebrating the human figure, finding freedom within the garments created.




Carl Gross has been an up and running label since 1925 — always creating fashion, quality, and comfort!


GIORGIO FILIPPI FOR “CODICE”                                         codice1

CODICE is all about polished and sophisticated looks of ease, contemporary and modern wearable fashion.




When you think Gregory Apparel, think feminine modern minimalist with a dash of prep.


JENN BURGOS FOR “JBURGOSNY”                                  jburgos1

JBURGOSNY wants to send a message to all women, especially mothers — you can still look and feel fabulous after having children. And this is the brand to dress women in all shapes and sizes.


mimi-tran-designer-profile               MIMI TRAN

Contemporary styles, enhancing one’s beauty, celebrating femininity, that is MIMI TRAN.


DOLLY DONSHEY FOR “MONSTRUOSITE”              monstruositc3a9-designer-profile

Monstruosité focuses heavily on bringing concepts to life by integrating music, art and theatrical elements to showcase the ideas behind the designs. Monstruosité views fashion and millinery as a way to tell a story and push creative boundaries, while also focusing the utmost attention to detail.


I am getting pretty excited. Each year I’ve attended Nolcha Fashion Week, it has only gotten better and better. I’m sure this season will not disappoint! So get to know NFW, check out my own fun times, showcasing looks in My Fashion Diary & Fashion Week looks, also some great snaps of myself with celebs I met at the runway presentations. And of course, check out my previous fashion week coverage on Nolcha —

100_5184            1653305_10153823229010517_777605313_n






Biovea @ Nolcha Fashion Week =’s ……



Simply put, a match made in heaven. Now this is not the first time this leading manufacturer and online retailer of high-end health and beauty products has taken part in Nolcha Fashion Week. But this time, Biovea is back, bringing even bigger collaborations and more excitement! Joining in on this sweepstakes madness is Adrian London skincare & Neulook, and it’s hard to say that the resulting prize pack is nothing short of an amazing offer.


So what do you win

  • a $3000 Visa gift card
  • 2 VIP Nolcha Fashion Week show passes
  • & many more exclusive gifts & goodies

How do you enter? —Simply click on this link and  YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!

I must say, speaking as someone who has attended Nolcha Fashion Week shows many times, this is a once in a lifetime type prize. Of course $3000 to spend is amazing. But not many people have the pleasure of attending major NYFW shows. I attend all the time and people are always asking me — how were you able to go, what is it like, etc. By entering this GIVEAWAY, you too could have the EXPERIENCE — seeing some talented designers present stunning looks, networking with major industry insiders, and hey, maybe even see a celeb or 2 along the way. Here are some pics of myself at Nolcha Fashion Week during various seasons!

1653305_10153823229010517_777605313_n                              photo 4

100_5184                             100_5171


Here is a bit more information about the brand to thank for this opportunity — Biovea. As part of Biovea’s mission, the brand is all about maintaining a strong reputation for service, reliability and quality. The brand is fully and deeply committed to providing tools for healthy living. They offer a wide range of products within a vast array of categories — Vitamins & Supplements, Diet & Fitness, Beauty, Personal Care, Kids, Pets, Food & Home, Organic, & more!


Adrian London, sold thru Biovea, is the leading innovator in naturally effective and luxurious skin care formulas. Products one can select from are — Soothing Regeneration cream, Daily Replenish moisturizers, Renewal cleansers, & more! There are even product options for men, such as Calming Aftershave toner and Age-Defying Moisture cream. And the banner ad below is not a joke or just an image I’m using for this post. Take a look at the various products and if you see something you like, now is the perfect time to buy! You can save 15% off your purchase by using the Promo Code “ADRIAN15”.

ALHomeUK                              AL_HLA_Cream


Neulook, an online retailer set as your “Premier Beauty Destination”, is also taking part in all of this SWEEPSTAKES excitement. With Neulook, you can shop for a wide selection of beauty products from some of your fave beauty brands — Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton, Source Naturals, Dior, Gucci, BIOVEA, OPI, LA Naturals, and more! And again, as seen in the banner ad below, another amazing current offer, to save 10% off your 1st purchase by using the Promo Code “Neu10”.


So we have Biovea, Nolcha Fashion Week, Neulook, and Adrian London to thank for this AMAZING SWEEPSTAKES OFFER. Make sure, again, that you enter, as you do not want to miss out on this unique chance to get some loot and be at an actual runway show, in NYC, during NYFW!! Stay in touch and updated with Biovea across social media by Liking their Facebook page, Following on Twitter, and/or their Instagram page.