Francesca Liberatore’s Modern Super Hero



Francesca Liberatore’s F/W 2015 presentation was mixed media magic. She presented at MBFW, Lincoln Center, the Salon.



The collection was inspired by superheroes. And this was quite apparent from the fighting trojan to the samurai to the shield-like accessories.



There was a lot of base black, but for vibrant pops of color there was bright red, royal blue, metallic silver, and sunshine yellow.



I appreciated the great use of various types of fabric, from fur to leather to silk. The pieces looked well made, and incorporated intricate, eye-catching details.



Celebs & special guests in attendance — DJ Helena & Nervo Music



Show credits —




“There’s no mascara because we want a kind of toughness.”

Fatima Thomas, Senior Artist for MAC, led the team to create the only look we witnessed this season without mascara (!!). Thomas told us that in terms of products and colors, the look was relatively minimalist – really only using colors for shaping and contouring purposes (enter: MAC Creme Colour Base, used to match and accentuate models’ natural skin tones), particularly around the eyes, which Thomas described as resulting in an “aerodynamic” feel. Not only did lashes go without mascara, but they were left untouched – aka no curling. Thomas emphasized that they didn’t want the lashes to make any noise – the look was all about the strength and shape of the eye.

  • Hair — Jorge Luis for Cutler, Redken products — superhero braids they created that swept across the crown and draped down at the back. The look was at once collected and powerful but still flirty, with the braids adding an element of femininity.




  • Nails — Patricia Yankee — The team started by applying Pattie’s Support Base Coat, followed by creating a rounded, silver edged French manicure with Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquer Polish in Divinity. Pattie dished to us that in the theme of superheros, she decided to hole punch small stars out of Dashing Diva Color Effects Appliques. Stars were placed in the middle of the index fingernail and varied in color from blue or red depending on the model. The look was finished off with Patricia Yankee’s “Protect” Top Coat.
  • Shoes — Repetto & Yin
  • Additional thanks — sagafurs & puntoseta






Leanne Marshall — Modern, Breathtaking Beauty



Forest green silk wool tank gown with hand painted ivory silk organza skirt

In Leanne’s own words — “This was a dream come true!” There is likely no better way to describe the debut presentation for Leanne Marshall at MBFW, Lincoln Center than her own words. Presenting for her first time at Lincoln Center, The Pavilion, I’m sure was nothing short of a dream come true, an unimaginable experience! Leanne’s show was my 1st ever, and I’m happy I was able to be at her 1st showing at Lincoln Center, a very momentous and memorable occasion.


Ruby silk chiffon gown, plunging neckline, hand painted silk ivory organza detail



Forest green silk wool empire waist gown with silk chiffon draping


Tea length white double crepe wool skirt with sheer black chiffon blouse

For her A/W 2015 collection, Leanne was inspired by director Francois Truffaut’s 1975 tragic film story, The Story of Adele H. The film was based on memoirs of Adele Hugo, daughter of Victor Hugo. It follows a young woman across the globe as she pursues the love of a man who doesn’t return her affections. As this man continuously rejects her, love turns into obsession, which slowly drives her insane.


Sheer black organza silk arapea short dress



Hand painted ivory silk organza gown with forest green asymmetrical velvet detail


Hand painted sheer silk ivory organza dress with draped details

Staying true to the film, this collection is segmented into 4 sections.

Le Voyage — The Voyage

The woman is making her passage, journeying for love. She is full of dreams, that the love she awaits for will to be waiting in return for her. The color palette here is black, with pops of olive green and gold. I can see a free-flowing vibe here with the silhouettes though, suggesting hope, openness. A woman here is carefree, unbeknownst of any negativity or trouble around her.


La Chasse de l’amour — Love’s Chase

Next, the woman is actively pursuing her love. She will stop at nothing to win the affection of her dream lover, even if he says no. The color palette her is deep, emerald greens mixed with taupe and ivory. We also get to first experience some lovely dye treatment from Leanne. The theme here is pursuit and what I’m seeing is a mix of purity, lots of white, representing this woman’s pure, clear vision of her love. But some of the pieces, the ones working with dye, show that this vision, upon closer inspection, is clearly a bit muddled. The woman’s vision is blurred.


La Obsession — The Obsession

Love turns to obsession. She can think of nothing but one man and her determination to have him. As she is haunted, day in and day out, her grip on reality loosens. There is a lot of red and deep burgundy in these pieces, clearly representing a lustful, passionate love. The silhouettes are very loose, not as pulled together, showing a woman who is in shambles.





Handpainted burlywood and wine silk chiffon gown with spaghetti straps & asymmetrical draping


Rust silk chiffon gown with spaghetti straps & draping


Sheer rust silk chiffon tank gown

La Demence — Madness

For this woman, all logic and reason is now gone, leaving her a total mess and in tears. Thus, her descent to madness begins. There is still such a beauty to these pieces, but structure and form are not by the book. Colors are void, very deep and dark.


Sheer navy long sleeve silk organza gown with textured skirt


Navy silk wool strapless gown with hand-painted textured silk organza skirt


White & navy silk organza gown with asymmetrical hand painted bodice detail


Navy blue long sleeve silk sheer chiffon gown


Strapless navy blue gown with silk chiffon organza skirt

I am in love with this collection. Her work with hand-painting and dye treatments have created pure magic in these pieces. You can see this crazed woman represented in these pieces, yet there is still elegance and glamor. The pieces here are truly stunning, very eye-catching, and I love that there is such a focused story here. Leanne presented 2 collections this season, a RTW, and more upscale as seen here. With so much work on her plate, she clearly could have let some pieces slip, but she has not done that. She has stuck to her high quality, ethereal signature, but has still evolved and created some very modern pieces. CONGRATS LEANNE!



Silk ivory chiffon gown



Taupe, ivory, rust silk chiffon organza gown

Celebs & special guests in attendance — Nervo music/Nervo sisters, Kira Dikhtyar, Andrew Werner, Jason Christopher Peters, DJ Helena, Lily Lane

463796080.jpg_585_0_2978.73134328_5346   463796116.jpg_512_0_2607.07462687_4679  463796244.jpg_544_0_2768.92537313_4969

463796396.jpg_537_0_2734.6119403_4908  463796586.jpg_539_0_2742.88059701_4922

Show credits —


Ivory silk chiffon organza gown with asymmetrical hand painted bodice



463796720.jpg_0_0_5191_3460.66666667    463796732.jpg_0_0_5257_3504.66666667


463797226.jpg_0_0_5521.5_3681    463797804.jpg_605_0_3080.67164179_5529 


463796138.jpg_630_0_3209.10447761_5760         463796158.jpg_608_0_3094.86567164_5554




Rust silk chiffon gown with spaghetti straps


Ivory silk chiffon gown






Check out “New Horizons” from Skingraft



Skingraft recently showcased its A/W 2015 collection for NYFW at MBFW, Lincoln Center, the Pavilion. It was such a pleasure attending a bold, energetic runway show. Skingraft never disappoints! The looks were daring, designed for a tenacious fashionista, a rugged man. It seems so simplistic, but all in all, this collection can be honestly described as bad-ass!





The collection is inspired by young nomads trekking thru the Peruvian mountains in search for new horizons. It is also inspired by the legends of alien activity around Peru. You can see both of these inspirations quite clear in the dark, multi-layered looks. The voluminous amounts of layering easily suggest a nomad’s travel.





The new collection explores ideas of ancient and complex geometric patterns and brutal statue-like silhouettes. Shearling, leather, silk, wool jersey, cashmere, and hand-woven tapestries equip the A/W 15 Skingraft nomad with a survivalist silhouette that remains soft and refined. There is a sea of staple colors in black and white, but also much needed pops of understated colors, navy blue and deep burgundy.





Skingraft always showcases some impressive looks. The brand’s signatures are ever-present. There are some great leather pieces here. The outerwear for both men and women are truly must-haves! Each ensemble was clearly well thought out, stylized, no detail left unnoticed. I will most definitely be keeping my eyes out for these pieces come this fall!





Celebs and special guests in attendance — Kofi Richmond, Che’Nelle, Kate Nash, Lizzy Plapinger, Whoopi, Shaun Ross, Fabolous, Jerzey Martin, J. Alexander, Sita Abellan, Bishop Nehru, Nick Simmons, Nini Fabi, DJ Helena, Nervo Sisters, Ivy Levan.

463713394.jpg_709_0_3600.64179104_6458   463715252.jpg_750_0_3807.76119403_6829   463715288.jpg_733_0_3723.14925373_6678

463715460.jpg_902_0_3746.62686567_6353      463716630.jpg_700_0_3551.79104478_6369      463716546.jpg_863_0_3353.44776119_5562


463716196.jpg_668_0_3390.8358209_6081   463716104.jpg_697_0_3539.8358209_6349   463715438.jpg_725_0_3681.11940299_6602

463715816.jpg_725_0_3681.11940299_6602   463715910.jpg_752_0_3817.37313433_6846

Show credits —


463709618.jpg_0_2_6199_4134.66666667    463709708.jpg_0_2_6442_4296.66666667


463709624.jpg_539_0_2738.40298507_4912  463709650.jpg_0_3_7117_4747.66666667






Reem Acra — Dreams Do Come True!


The underlying inspiration here could clearly be all about dreams. It’s as if these pieces belong in a magical fantasy-world of some sort. Each look is imaginative, dreamy, and stunningly eye-catching. But when I speak of dreams coming true, the reference is more personal. I’ve been a huge fan of Reem Acra for quite some time now. Receiving my first ever invite and being at this show was an out of this world, unimaginable experience. It’s quite easy to label this as “A dream come true!” Being exposed to such phenomenal beauty was most certainly an honor to be a part of, but was also a truly enjoyable experience. And so with that, here are some of my favorite pieces from Reem Acra’s F/W 2015 collection at MBFW, Lincoln Center Salon.




But onto the actual inspiration for this beautiful collection. Designer Acra was inspired by Stevie Nicks’ “24-Karat Gold Collection” exhibit last fall of digitally reprinted self-portrait Polaroids from the Seventies. The photos evoked the particular time in that decade when retooling the Victorian aesthetic was rampant. According to Acra, “This put me in a mood, I got inspired, I started to dig in my archives and found pieces of embroidery, feathers that I had collected since I was five years old. I was transported to my own world.”




This world was a decadent fantasy of beads, lace, tulle and, of course, embroideries. The bulk of the lineup was composed of short dresses, mainly with long sleeves or fur topper. There were signs of Nicks in the collection — handkerchief hems and Victorian pouf-sleeve tops and jackets — but the mood veered toward vintage, and even Ottoman at points, given the opulent metallic laces and embroideries. The use of color is also quite entrancing, lavender, golds, metallic, sparkles, bright purple, ice pink, and more!




But the truly captivating aspect of these pieces, a tried and true signature for Reem Acra, is in the intricate details — the embellishments, the lace, the beading. Each look is so intriguing, eye-catching with every twist and turn, from each and every angle.

463612582.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463614038.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000  463614056.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

463615548.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000    463615530.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000    463615508.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000      


Speaking of angles, some great shots of these pieces are from the backside. The gorgeous trains are breathtaking, even more lovely details to take in. Reem Acra is a staple for most major red carpets and I’m sure as this year’s award shows continue on, and even into next year’s busy season, we will likely see some of these pieces again!





Hair/Makeup/Beauty —  From the hair to the makeup, the beauty look at Reem Acra was inspired by rock legend Stevie Nicks. “The inspiration of Stevie Nicks gives it a lot of fantasy,” said Didier Malige, working with René Furterer. “The idea is that there is a feeling of couture, but it’s very individual.” Using a variety of texturizers, Malige described the final look, which had the hair close to the head with a couple of kinks as, “controlled and uncontrolled.”


Mark Carrasquillo put the focus on the eyes for Reem Acra by dusting a gold shadow on the eyelid, inner corner and under the eyes. “It’s a really luminous eye,” noted Carrasquillo. Finally, he topped the lip with balm, leaving it bare. “Everything that’s done is really blended out,” Carrasquillo said.


Miss Pop for OPI mixed two shades called Cosmo-not Tonight Honey, a metallic peach, and Up Front & Personal, which is a glittery, light gold. “It’s like your fairy godmother waved her magic wand and dusted your nails with gold magic,” said Miss Pop. “The clothes have all these metallic embellishments both silver and gold, and we wanted to make sure that it felt very Stevie Nicks. With this nail, we wanted you to get lost in the glitter the same way you get lost in her music.”





Major celeb in attendance, one of my personal faves, PLL star Ashley Benson!



Ready to Fish Presents “Compendium”


For F/W 2015, Ready to Fish aspired to create a collection “that summarizes what we feel is the essence of Ready to Fish.” This presentation occurred during MBFW at Lincoln Center, Salon. There are some stunning pieces of RTW in this collection. Pieces that range from wardrobe basics to more upscale, chic looks that would fit perfectly for a burgeoning fashionista!




Un-related to any specific theme or inspiration, the brand started with a blank canvas to present a collection that reads like a sketchbook, and a compendium of the Ready to Fish style. It was important for them to capture the sketch-like quality of the unfinished, leaving room for both the brand’s own and customers’ imagination and interpretation. There is a minimalistic quality about this collection, leaving room for a customer to style and accessorize any given look.




As a metaphor for this collation of ideas, Ready to Fish made use of classic marble prints, adorning sketchbooks, and archive folders that will prove instantly recognizable to everyone. The collection also emphasizes the idea that many archetypes that inspired us belong to the public domain, and that the use of codes, references verses our own interpretations and developments are at constant play throughout the design process.




The designer behind Ready to Fish is Dutch fashion designer Ilja. Following the success of her couture line, Ilja decided to transform the same nature and attributes of ILJA into more wearable, everyday designs. The prêt-a-porter line, Ready to Fish, was introduced in 2006, translating a consistent innovative approach of artistic expressions as ILJA does. In December 2013, Ready to Fish by Ilja was introduced.




A core vision for the brand is to give women all over the world the opportunity to indulge themselves with beautiful fashion and lifestyle products, is applied. This vision is put into practice through the mission of creating true, optimal product engagement and innovation in all operations. This is all combined with the development of a strong brand portfolio that offers a valuable consumer experience and promotes long-term loyalty. To ensure the values of high standard design and quality of both labels, the finest fabrics are selected, all details of production are meticulously monitored, and a close watch is kept on current trends.




Celebs and special guests in attendance were actress Stassi Schroeder, Miss NY Jilian Tapper, Elizabeth Savetsky, Designer Erin Erickson, WWD Fashion Market Editor Kristi Garced, & Designer Erin Dana

463601852.jpg_576_0_2932.11940299_5262                   463602622.jpg_627_0_2668.79104478_4560

463602626.jpg_528_0_2688_4824           463602730.jpg_551_0_2801.89552239_5027

463603076.jpg_0_0_5613_3742Show credits —




Idan Cohen — A Fashion Week Wedding & Show!




For A/W 2015, Idan Cohen presented his stunning collection at MBFW, Lincoln Center, the Pavilion. On February 14th, this talented designer had 2 dreams come to fruition. One, he married his partner Elad Borenstein at the first ever Fashion Week wedding! Now I’ve seen a Fashion Week proposal, but I imagine this would have been great to witness firsthand. I wasn’t there for the 1st dream come true moment for Cohen, but I was able to attend his runway show, which was another dream realized for the designer. He presented for the first time ever in NYC at NYFW! Singing at Idan’s wedding and attending his show were Nashville duo singing sensations Lennon & Maisy!




Cohen is known for bridal and couture pieces. And with eveningwear, it’s all about the sensuality, mixed with elegance. That is exactly what we are seeing here! His inspiration for this particular collection was femininity, specifically the woman’s body. These pieces truly encapsulate this delicate balance of glamor and lasciviousness.




I’m seeing a huge future for Idan Cohen. I could easily see these looks on A list celebs on major red carpets right now! I’m even sure they would not only be eye-catching, but top best-dressed lists.




The colors utilized here are all amazing! It’s of course great to see some traditional, classic black numbers, but the looks in rose pink and ice blue, PERFECTION!




Celebs in attendance were  — Miss Jay Alexander, and Maisy and Lennon Stella.


Show credits —








463447358.jpg_566_0_2884.05970149_5177                       463447452.jpg_555_0_2826.49253731_5073


Mara Hoffman Takes Flight!



Rise embroidered cream linen shift dress with striped bodice and black knit turtleneck


Belted Starbasket chiffon gown with long sleeves


Tufted chiffon landscape long-sleeve gown

Mara Hoffman presented her 38-piece Fall 2015 collection for MBFW/NYFW at Lincoln Center, the Salon. Generally when I think of Mara Hoffman, I think wild, graphic, psychedelic prints. She still threw in some bold prints, but I thought this presentation was a bit more tame, a more reserved Mara Hoffman if I dare say. It still had the Mara Hoffman signatures and touches so I’m still on board! And it was such an honor to be at this runway. My 1st time for Mara Hoffman and I definitely hope to be there for many more shows & seasons to come!


Cream tweed cross front Luke suit


Triad CDC Gown


Riser embroidered cream linen shirtdress with black, peach, blue, teal stripes

Aviation was a bit of an underlying inspiration with this collection. The runway show music was of the same nature, taking flight, gears grinding, sounds of a plane taking off. You could also see it in many of the pieces, whether it was the styling, very reminiscent of this stylized trend, especially the tall tan boots, which I loved BTW, or the knit shawls! But a lot of the prints too had the same vibe.


Triad CDC Gown


Trapunto twill coat with Starbasket Jacquard knit shawl


White Trapunto star vest with black and cream tweed jumpsuit

As I mentioned earlier, this was a tamer Mara Hoffman than I’m used to seeing. There were still some vibrant pops of colors though, mainly in the more wild prints, tangerine, lime green, and red. But a lot of the prints and/or colors, were a bit more subtle, somewhat more muted, deep purple, light teal, soft pink, just to name a few. I really liked these lighter, softer color choices. It showed a different side for me to Mara’s work, and that is always a great aspect to have as a designer. I loved seeing her be forward thinking and innovative for this upcoming fall season!



Blue Connector crepe strapless jumpsuit


There were so many standout pieces in this collection. I loved the blue/purple/grey jumpsuit, the mixed media black sheer dresses, the ivory look below, and the black/ivory/rose pink satin dresses, just to name a few! There is just so much one could do with these looks. You could layer them up, pair them with knee-high boots as we saw here, and make it work for the colder east coast vibe. Or, you could un-layer the looks, so to speak, pair with some flats or sandals, and then BOOM, you are ready to hit up the West coast! These are high fashion RTW looks, daring and oh so very bold. A burgeoning fashionista would no doubt want a few of these pieces to make sure she stood out no matter her destination!


Crepe back satin dress with front and back keyhole in ivory


Blue Connector Ponte cross front dress with an open weave turtleneck


CDC connector buttondown and full skirt

Special guests in attendance were actress Juliette Lewis, Jeannette McCurdy, Teen Vogue’s style editor Andrew Bevin, singer Kate Nash, fashion stylist Madison Guest, Victoria Justice, Nana Meriweather.


463444172.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                           463443860.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

              463442538.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                        463442444.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000


Tufted chiffon landscape fitted bodice midi gown

Show credits —


Black brushed cotton apron dress with Tessellate turtleneck








Tessellate CDC Maxi Shift Dress with long sleeves

So remember — Keep your feet on the ground, hands in the sky, and allow the force to be with you at all times! 🙂



Costello Tagliapietra — Plaids & Suspenders



Red plum folded front dress with cartridge pleated skirt


Fawn suspender dress with red plaid funnel neck

For Fall 2015, Costello Tagliapetra presented RTW fashion during their runway show at Lincoln Center, Pavilion. A great deal was all about some plaids and/or suspenders. And hey, I’m convinced; I’m a believer! Everything was very stylized and clearly driven towards the brand’s signature aesthetic. So it was nice seeing a bit of re-interpretation and transition for this Fall 2015 season.


Bark jacket & gaucho


Plum collared shirt & navy trousers

Costello Tagliapietra was specifically thinking about ways in which they could re-interpret their design work, to reflect upon themselves, going even back into one’s own history. So with this collection, imagine this — “A forest trail leads to a lone house deep in the woods. SHE is making her way there!”


Fawn & bark funnel neck dress

So of course as this fashionable lady is making her trek, she would desire some very specific attire. The brand composed plaids by building up layers of colored grids. Then, thru threading lines of yarn over and across each other, these intricate plaids were created. And then of course as I mentioned, besides lots of plaid-work, there are also many suspenders’ looks, as well as some super chic dresses.


Slate haltered dress

This collection truly evokes the colors, smells, and sounds one would stumble upon while deep in the forested trails, being grounded to the earth. But there is a sense of something more, something magical and unknown. The color palette is then derived from photography of woods and forests, abstracts, painting in watercolor, using this to map out the tones and hues for these pieces, setting the mood! Colors seen are deep burgundies, mint green, navy blue, olive green, and more.


Dark spruce crepe pant & slate green shirt with floral embroidery

This collection is full of RTW, lots of base, staple pieces needed for any wardrobe. But all in all, it is still very thought provoking. It does leave something to the imagination, captivating you from start to finish!


Bronze woven cardigan wrap dress

Celebs making an appearance — model Cory Kennedy, Nigel & wife Cristen barker, Miss J alexander, actress Shanola Hampton, Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes; Natalie Bergman; Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy & actress Crystal Dickinson.





Show credits —


  • Fragrance/Scent — MiN NY — “To score this beautiful production, we composed an original fragrance inspired by Costello Tagliapietra’s mood boards for the collection. Using our OLD SCHOOL BENCH MiN NY SCENT STORIES, volume 1, as a base, notes of bergamot, angelica root, green grass, lily of the valley, wood wax, rum, cedar wood, vanilla, patchouli, veriver roots, and bay will greet you upon arrival and farewell.”


Forest green satin cape dress







Fawn & bark crossover V-neck dress with red plaid funnel neck

  • Sound Designer — Erich Bechtel & Alex Herrin of Audible Difference Inc
  • Photography — Randy Brooke
  • Videography — B Productions


Pine crepe pant and  hand stitched vest with midnight hand stitched plaid shirt


Plum jacket & gaucho

  • Models & Agencies — APM NY, Fenton, Fusion, NY Models, Major, Marilyn Agency, Silent, Wilhelmina, Mc2, Click, & W360.


Hand stitched plaid shell & tweed pant


Rose wrap front dress


Plum hand-stitched plaid shell & plum satin pleaded circle skirt

Desigual — La Vida es Chula!!


Looks left to right — Freehand watercolor print chiffon blouse & abstract watercolor print stiff satin pencil skirt; Primitive floral & abstract watercolor drop waist jersey dress; & Trompe-l’ceil floral tapestry motif mesh blouse and skater skirt with multi-hued pom-pom hat

MBFW — Theater @ Lincoln Center


Front 2 looks, left to right — Embroidered folk print woven overcoat & Over-sized Scandinavian print wool-knit tunic

Desigual is always a super fun runway show to attend and this season the brand certainly didn’t disappoint! For Fall 2015, Desigual and Monsieur Christian Lacroix celebrate the world of creativity. Fashion’s ‘It Girls’ got in on the action as well with Harley Viera-Newton who served as music consultant and Langley Fox Hemingway, whose designs were interpreted by Desigual to serve as the backdrop and runway floor.


Abstract geometries multi-hued shift dress with watercolor print clutch


Abstract ink stripe jersey A-line dress with baroque motif satchel bag


Black turtleneck crop top & colorful naive circle motif print pencil skirt

Fall 2015 was inspired by the creative process of putting a collection together, and is a tribute to what happens in the design atelier. Abstract paintings, upholstery swatches, photographs of Africa, a voyage to northern Europe, and a landscape full of flowers are the root of the design inspiration: One that is full of creativity and originality.


Graphic floral print skirt & button-up tank blouse


Multi-hued shaggy pullover sweater and midnight blue & teal Baroque-motif vinyl pencil skirt


The collection featured geometric motifs in black and white, multi-colored cardigans with a Scandinavian feel, and structured dresses dipped in watercolors. Floral skirts in printed tulle make up the line alongside cocoon coats in true Lacroix style. The result is an eclectic and sophisticated mix that’s sure to catch the eye of women everywhere. Other highlights from the collection are multi-hued embroideries, oriental carpet motifs, and baroque tapestries woven into vivid abstraction.


Graphic floral print long-sleeved dress


Baroque floral print A-line shift dress


Black & white Cubist geometries sleeveless shift dress with faux-fur pom-pom hat

This is a global world we live in and Desigual wants you to dress like it! This collection is a reflection of a crossroads of culture coming together, where folk crafts, lush landscapes, and works of art from the North, South, East, & West all meet. Thru black and white geometric pieces, multi-color patterns from various cultures across the globe, and distinct fabric textiles speaks the brand’s motto “La Vida es Chula”, life is cool.


Abstract ink stripe faux-fur tunic dress & patterned woven trousers


Black & mustard Baroque embroidered coat with quilted sleeves with Baroque floral print handbag


The mood is anchored by bursts of medieval gemstones, contemporary paintings, and exotic flower bouquets, all rendered on printed tulles, jacquards, embossed hair, and duchess satin. Craftsmanship ties together the spirit of the many cultures set deep within the silhouettes. Just as Monsieur Lacroix exudes, “Desigual embodies the multiplicity of a woman, and women everywhere.” Women share the pleasure for living, taste for beauty and art, and joy in using fashion as self-expression. Every season is a new opportunity for Desigual to offer its a way of thinking, inevitably influenced by the Mediterranean, the sun, light, passion, and a lust for life.


Mixed Nordic-print pullover sweater and abstract floral stiff satin tulip skirt with Jade pom-pom hat

When history and the world intertwine, that’s what we’ll wear in F/W 2015! Desigual’s current brand ambassador, model Chantelle Winnie (ANTM Cycle 21 contestant), walked the runway along with supermodel, Behati Prinsloo.


Baroque floral print sleeveless shift dress


Renaissance floral stiff satin jumpsuit with floral embroidery shoulder sash


Colorful naive circle motif sleeveless shift dress with black & white naive circle motif satchel bag


Freeform graphic print jersey A-line dress with burgundy carryall tote

Special celebs & guests in attendance — Katie Holmes, DJ Harley Viera-Newton, model Langley Fox, model Adriana Lima, model Lena Gercke, actress Pauline Lefevre, DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, Rocsi Diaz, Catherine Guidici, Stassi Schroeder, Nana Merriweather, Nigel & Cristen Barker, and Managing Director of Desigual Manel Jadraque.





Special credits —




463284986.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696  463284974.jpg_295_0_1872.01492537_3522  463284666.jpg_328_0_1678.89552239_3017


Tadashi Shoji — Remarkably Timeless Beauty


MBFW — Salon @ Lincoln Center

463283214.jpg_5_0_2996_1994There just aren’t enough words to describe how glorious this F/W 2015 collection is. Tadashi Shoji has really outdone himself here. I wouldn’t dream of elongating this piece by the use of words. I really want to let the images do the talking because that is just how breathtaking these dresses are. But I will provide a few details at least on the designer’s concept and inspiration for the collection.


Black hand cut tulle & silk organza feathered strapless gown with an embroidered applique pleated bodice.

463277892.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000Navy/nude embroidered tulle gown with sheer illusion insets


Black bateau neck swing cape top and black crepe floor length skirt

The inspiration here was the joy of flight — the intersection between aircraft mechanics and winged flight, finding the muse piloting the avian highways. Spinning wings of propellers starting to hum. Metal gears beginning their rotational motion. This and more make up the concept behind these lovely gowns.


Grape/nude sleeveless feather motif embroidered applique full skirt tulle gown

463278336.jpg_350_0_1796.71641791_3231Deep green feather motif applique bodice with full tulle skirt


Black feather motif sheer overlay gown

Painted with the ivory brushstrokes of windswept clouds, sparkling skies, birds gliding majestically, dancing on air currents with graceful wing beats, that is the journey to be taken with this collection. Airplane mechanics influence the allover metallic embroideries of copper, gold, and silver burnish luxe knits, while feathered wing motifs can be found in sheer lace and tactile embellishments.


Taupe tulle halter gown with gear motif embroidered applique and hardware embellishments

463278610.jpg_312_0_1600.20895522_2877Deep green lace applique bodice with full tulle skirt


Ivory/black pleated Georgette strapless gown with beaded feather motif embroidered applique

A monochromatic palette of black, ivory, and navy transitions to semio-paque hues created from bi-color layering of diaphanous tulles. The ethereal silhouettes evoke a feeling of weightlessness. As if mused by the wind, feathers of frayed-edge silk organza and hand-cut tulle create lighter than air gowns and floor-length capes, dipping to dreamier depths. Aerial views inspire the textures of custom designed jacquards.


Ivory hand cut tulle & silk organza feathered tea-length dress with pockets and embroidered bodice

463276472.jpg_381_0_1955.32835821_3516Navy tiered faux fur illusion neck shift dress with crystal hardware embellishments


Black oversized tiered faux fur jacket with crystal hardware embellishments

So remember, soar into the upper breaches of the atmosphere where you can be free from the forces of gravity, orbiting the uncharted skies, a sky voyager finding her bliss. I love these pieces. They are very much red carpet ready & worthy, and would very much like to see them in the future!


Copper/black bateau neck metallic embroidered tulle gown with pockets

463278396.jpg_339_0_1740.49253731_3130Steel/navy gear motif embroidered panel bodice gown with tulle skirt


Grape/nude tulle gown with gear motif embroidered applique and hardware embellishments

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Navy lace applique bodice with full tulle skirt





Special celeb guests in attendance were blogger Courtney Kerr, Lloyd Blossom, singer Kesha, Miss J Alexander, actress Song Jia, Li Sun, actress Liu Yun, & actress Yang Zishan.

463283594.jpg_405_0_1842.31343284_3210  463283498.jpg_420_0_1916.41791045_3342  463283478.jpg_374_0_1741.46268657_3054

463285102.jpg_455_0_1798.28358209_3000            463284894.jpg_386_0_1729.28358209_3000

463284662.jpg_430_0_1773.28358209_3000         463284456.jpg_388_0_1650.68656716_2820


Ivory crepe sleeveless top & black hand cut tulle with silk organza feathered short skirt


Grape/black metallic embroidered lace dirndl gown with gathered illusion tulle neck and pockets