Proj. Runway — Sally Beauty Challenge

I’m not sure if dubbing this episode as the “Sally Beauty Challenge” is 100% accurate, but Sally Beauty did play a major role this week. The designers met Tim Gunn and lead Sally Beauty stylist Gregory Patterson on the runway for all of the details!


Gregory announced that Sally Beauty would be hosting a pop-up shop in NYC, more specifically in Soho. The designers’ looks would be showcased in the window displays and the the public would cast their vote for the winning looks. The public’s vote would count for 20% of the overall results. Three teams would be put together with 3 designers each. The separate teams would each be assigned a color palette to then create a 3-piece cohesive collection. Here were the team breakdowns —

Team Red Violet — Erin, Dexter, & Cornelius

Team New Neutral — Jenni, Nathalia, & Mah-Jing

Team Hues of Blue — Rik, Laurence, & Roberi


Each team received a $600 budget for Mood and 1 day to create their collection. Naturally since this was a team challenge week, there was some workroom drama. Mah-jing initially felt left out of his group, but after Tim’s critique, they really came together. Cornelius felt left out of his group and never really jived with them as it soon became evident post runway.


The designers were off to the pop-up shop to see how the public voted. It really came down to neutral versus blue, with Team New Neutral pulling out the win. Each team member received $500 to shop for Sally Beauty products. I kind of wish the judges had not known who the public voted for, although it didn’t seem to sway their scores. The judges went with Hues of Blue as the winner, leaving Red Violet as the bottom group.


Joining this week’s judging panel was Kelly Osbourne. This was a hard runway I think to really label a “losing” group. I think Heidi said it correctly to Team Red Violet in that their looks were not all bad, but compared to the others, they did pale in comparison. I could see why new neutral won the NY public vote and it was a toss up for me between them and hues of blue. But I think if I had to choose, my winning team this week would have been New Neutral. But my favorite individual look would have been Roberi.


With New Neutral, there was such a edgy, cool, street-chic vibe with this collection — also very boho chic. These tones could have been a bore, but this group made a neutral pop. I liked the great show quality here, but also wear-ability was a huge factor.

SHOUTOUTS — Sally Beauty for all, naturally with all of the highlights put in




But as I mentioned, the judges selected Hues of Blue as the winning team. I love blue, so I did love most of what the designers did here. I really loved the plaid. Roberi was the winning designer of the group and I of course loved this decision. The sweater was intricate, very fashion-forward, but was also super practical. It worked on so many levels. And the skirt was also top notch.


SHOUTOUTS — More lovely highlights from Sally Beauty, but I also loved the beauty look here from Mary Kay

Laurence’s look was also pretty great, especially the blazer. The pants were also nice as well, some stunning details as you looked closer. I was not as in love with Rik’s look as the judges were. I thought the dress was a little plain, a little basic. I recall Tim saying some of the pieces were a little simplistic and that was my thought with Rik’s dress. The plaid coat was okay, but it read a little thin to me. I didn’t look at it and think it would provide warmth compared to that say of Nathalia’s jacket.



So of course, Team Red Violet was the bottom group, meaning Dexter, Erin, or Cornelius would go. Firstly, I would put out there that all 3 groups were made up of 2 friends. Any of these groups being in the bottom, I feel as if one designer due to friendship would have been the one picked to be eliminated, such as Erin and Dexter did with Cornelius. I don’t think I would have called them “Mean Girls” because we all knew they were friends and would leave Cornelius out in the cold. None of this being right of course, but was fairly predictable from the get-go.


It did seem as if at first, Cornelius was not being listened to. I thought we were seeing a change here, but the one area that was not truly listened too was regarding the “too much read” comment. This was the biggest problem in my eyes for this group. The other groups had some breaks in the color. And with red being so bold, so bright, you would think a plan would have been executed on this. And then to further exacerbate the issue, the styling was also too red. For more on the direction of the collection, this did put Dexter in jeopardy. His look was also not that great. I felt a little underwhelmed. And when looking at all that Cornelius did, some at the direction of Erin it appeared, I think that is what made his look suffer.


The judges were right to point out that Erin should have thought a bit more about her team here. She executed an excellent coat, but why would she not do more. I’m not sure of the episode slant in how it was portrayed that Erin & Dexter were goofing off quite a bit, but my thought is that if they weren’t talking and playing around, their wouldn’t have been enough footage to show on the matter. Cornelius did really get the raw end of the deal here, doing all of the work and then ultimately being sent home. Tim Gunn was right in that regard to save him as this was result was not the fairest of all. I was still a little upset Tim didn’t use the save a few weeks back, but Tim’s use here was the right thing.



Proj. Runway & the Urban Jungle


As PR began this week, we saw the designers taking a ride on the Rip Ride RockIt rollercoaster. But no episode of PR is about fun & games. As the “8 hours earlier” caption came on the screen, we were transported back to the runway, where the designers were chatting with Heidi. Heidi informed the designers they were going to recharge their batteries a bit, as they looked restless, and doing so by heading to Universal Studios in Orlando.


There, the designers met up with Tim Gunn and Mike West, the Director of Design for Universal Creative Studio, recently creating “Skull Island: Reign of Kong.” Of course, the challenge instructions were then provided. The designers were to find inspiration from the theme park, the Skull Island jungle, and then create looks for the Urban Jungle, aka streetwear for NYC.


The designers sketched at the park and then headed back to NYC to hit up Mood with a $200 budget. It was then back to the workroom to begin this 1-day challenge. The designers faced normal hiccups this week, lots of doubts and frantic flurries to finish up on time.


Heidi announced at the start of the runway show that whomever won this week would hold the last immunity for the season. The guest judges for the streetwear runway were designer Rebecca Minkoff and actress Carly Chaikin.


The judges’ top 3 was a little confusing. Dexter I assume was on the top, but certainly didn’t get love from all 5 judges. This has happened before, and it always makes me wonder how nobody else received a higher score to make the top 3. There were certainly a couple of other good looks. I thought Rik and Jenni did some good work, very strong streetwear pieces.


I didn’t mind that Dexter was in the top, it’s just if he is going to be there, let’s get mostly praise, not crazed arguments. I thought this was elevated streetwear, definitely something different. The shorts were very tight, and that was my main critique.


JUSTFAB SHOUTOUT — Love these bright yellow heels!

The clear top 2 for the judges was between Nathalia and Laurence, ultimately with Laurence being selected as the winning designer. This was the right choice. Her jacket was fierce. Nathalia’s color palette was a little bland, so with Laurence, she at least had the great pop of color.


Nathalia’s pieces were not all bad, despite the monotone color choices. I did appreciate that she made so many pieces and they all looked very well made. I wish she had instructed the model to take off the jacket on the runway because the top she made, it really had an interesting back. It would have added some dramatic flare to the whole look.


JUSTFAB SHOUTOUT — Gorgeous earrings!

The bottom 3 consisted of Brik, Erin, & Cornelius. I really could have seen the bottom 2 going in all possible directions because they were pretty hard on all 3, but Erin escaped the bottom 2. She certainly was deserving of this bottom 3 placement. Last week, other looks could have ended up there over her. But here, it was a very different case. She really needs to start thinking of the challenge, and how to adapt her aesthetic a little better. So much time on this look made “0” sense. It makes one wonder in the next episode, will she get back to the top???


I really wasn’t sure who was going home between Cornelius & Brik. Both had faults, but it seems as if when one designer does too much versus one who does too little, the one who does too little goes home. Thankfully that was not the case this week and Cornelius was saved. I didn’t have a problem with his pants, but the top was not only too basic, it was poorly constructed.


SHOUTOUTS — SALLY BEAUTY & MARY KAYChic, sleek locks & a great pop of color on the lip!

This meant Brik was the one out and I had no problem with this. I have not been a fan of his work this season and kind of thought his elimination was long overdue. I agreed with pretty much all of what the judges said — mismatch of prints, it was too much, and there were some construction issues.


SHOUTOUTS — SALLY BEAUTY, MARYKAY & JUSTFAB Love the heels, stunning beauty look, and this updo is beautiful!


No Drink & Chill for Proj. Runway Designers

pr15-ep6-5Right at the start of this week’s PR episode, heck, no paying tribute to Alex or anything, but right into the action we went with the designers attending a press event at Absolut Elyx House. Also in attendance were Nina, Zac, Heidi, and Tim. And of course no press event would be complete without press — bloggers Sydney Salick with Daily Front Row, Jonathan Cordero, Lauren Kornutik, Lemara Ablyakimova, and then also Asst. Editor of Marie Claire, Chelsea Pants. But as my title hinted, there was no drink and chill time for these designers.


Jonas Tahlun, founder of the Absolut Elyx vodka brand, began the challenge chatter, ending up saying how all martinis naturally come with a twist. And we all know, so does PR. Heidi said the event was not just a fun cocktail party, but the start to the next challenge. In spirit of the evening, the room serving as inspiration, each designer would create a luxurious cocktail dress. This would be a 1-day challenge with a Mood budget of $300.


Tim-time brought about an interesting paradox — pretty much half the designers were good and the other half literally started all over! I’ve seen a few designers in the past having to start over, but so many, very much a shocker, including Tasha, Cornelius, Mah-Jing, Roberi, and Nathalia. Some more delightful workroom moments were that Jenni was really being a super helpful designer this week, giving fabric to both Nathalia and Tasha, and she also helped Nathalia with some rushed touches to her look.


Guest judges this week was designer and model Emily Ratajkowski. I thought she did a standout job with her critiques, making lots of sense, quality thoughts and notions. And I kind of loved her disagreeing with Heidi so much! So who captured luxury this week with their looks?

pr15-ep6-37Firstly, Heidi often scolds designers with immunity if they missed the boat with their recent look. Dexter was called out this week. I didn’t love his look, but I certainly didn’t hate it. There is no way it would have gone home over Tasha or Nathalia, so I don’t think the comments were necessary!


SHOUTOUTS — JustFab, cute heels; Sally Beauty, such chic sleek locks, & Mary Kay, love the deep burgundy lip


SHOUTOUT — JustFab, killer heels; Mary Kay, stunning smoky eye; Sally Beauty, love this updo/bun!

I didn’t totally agree with the judges top 3, but of their top 3, I think Laurence would have been my winner. I wouldn’t have ever advised her going with a black look and I think Emily mentioned that as well. This is a great LBD, but black and cocktail is all too common, so to stand out even more, I would have picked another color. But other than that, this look was top-notch. Everything from the back to the shoulders to the bodice was A++.


SHOUTOUT — Sally Beauty, another chic updo & Mary Kay, great golden-bronzed beauty look!

Jenni was the winning designer however for the judges. The look read a little wrinkly to me, but I didn’t hate it that she was in the top. This by far has been her best work and I am interested to see if she will stay on top. What I didn’t like was that so much of her win was spent comparing her work to Erin — the workroom, the judges, and during judges’ deliberations. I am so glad Nathalia, kind of in a smart ass way, said that Erin is not the 1st person to ever embellish a look. I didn’t find it that similar!


Rounding out the judges’ top 3 was Rik. I definitely didn’t love this look and it probably is the reason for my disagreement with the judges’ top 3. I would have gone with Roberi. The look had a great fit, was certainly unique, but I didn’t love the leather look in this color choice. I get that the color was stemming from the apron inspiration, but I think the silhouette gave that away, so a different color might have worked.


Moving onto the bottom 3, let’s start with Erin, a surprising designer to be found there. I think a couple of designers barely missed making the bottom, it could have been a toss up, but probably better that Erin found herself there now than later in the competition. I don’t think this look read as Erin being the designer. This might have been part of the reason for the Jenni comparisons. I didn’t mind the brocade, but the feathers were a little cray cray!


SHOUTOUTS — Chic sideswept updo from Sally Beauty & love the pink-a-licious makeup look from Mary Kay

This left Nathalia and Tasha as the bottom 2, which unfortunately was very obvious from this runway. I like both designers, but at this point in the competition, week after week, good designers, faves of all the fans, will sadly have to go home. Nathalia had quite a few construction issues, but from her original garment, this was much better. She showed some creativity and has been doing fairly well in previous challenges. But clearly having Emily & Zac disagreeing with the look being so bad, obviously Tasha was going home.


So Tasha, who has sort of been declining in her creations the past couple of challenges, was eliminated this week. The first challenge of the season, she was in the top and she did amazing work. But from week to week, I can barely remember her looks. And I know from even last week, all she did was really do a simple yellow pencil skirt. Her streetwear aesthetic was going to have a hard time comporting with the range of themes PR wants, so she gave it her all. But at least at the end of the day, she knows who she is as a designer.



Proj. Runway — How Wrong Can You Go!

I can’t recall an episode in PR history where I disagreed so vehemently. Wow! More on that later on, but first the episode details. This episode marked the 1st team challenge of the season, more specifically the Mary Kay challenge.


The designers were divided into 2 teams of 6. Tim was joined by Mary Kay’s Global Beauty Ambassador Luis Casco for all of the details. Each team would create a 4-piece mini-collection, with the concept left up to each team, but it had to be cohesive. This would be a 1-day challenge. The extra challenge on top of the challenge, as PR always has one, was that each team’s budget would be set on how well the teams pitched their concept to a panel of mystery investors. Each member of the winning team would receive $5000, as well as a feature in Marie Claire. Onto team formation —


Rik, as the winner last week, selected first. Tim drew a name from the infamous button bag, Brik, who started the selection process for the 2nd team. Each selected designer would then choose the next. So we had Team 1, Team Unity, with Rik, Alex, Roberi, Cornelius, Mah-Jing, & Nathalia. And so for Team 2, House of Bouton aka Team Button Bag, there was Brik, Tasha, Laurence, Erin, Dexter, & Jenni.


Each team went to plan their pitch, and then it was time to “sell it” to the mystery investors, who ended up being Heidi, Zac, & Nina. Each investor had $1000 to spend. Team Unity wanted to create a collection to empower women, give them confidence in the workplace. Comparing their looks to Theory or Helmut Lang, Alex took on the leadership role in really selling the pitch. Team 2 wanted their collection to be a little more fun, aka bad-ass. Dexter came up with most of the gameplan, pitching a concept of women in the tech industry, an untapped market, looking for fashion forward looks.


The investors were more impressed with House of Bouton, seeing their concept as more fashion forward, more creative. (Splits — T1/T2 — Heidi, 400/600; Zac 200/800; Nina 200/800) This left Team unity with an $800 budget and House of Bouton with $2200.


It was then off to Mood and begin work on the collections. In the workroom, Mah-jing initially was feeling left out of his team, but soon seemed to find his groove. Dexter was all over the place with his team, really doing his part to oversee each look. As the runway neared, Team Unity seemed to be calm, cool, and collective. Whereas House of Bouton was all over the place, scrambling to finish. But sooner rather than later, it was of course time for the runway. This week’s guest judge was Disney star Sabrina Carpenter. So, why did this episode frustrate me so, here we go!


To me, neither team really deserved the title of the “winning team”, but of course one had to be chosen. I really did disagree with the judges, but after some thought, I guess my disagreement stemmed more from the ending result than the actual decision. I feel like each collection had some standout pieces, but again, neither collection, in its entirety, was full-on amazing. The judges chose House of Bouton as the winning team.


Laurence on the jacket, Tasha on the skirt; SHOUTOUTS — Stunning beauty look, with Mary Kay, the bold red lip, & Sally Beauty, all of the luscious waves

One of my issues with the win being granted here, was there were only 2 standout pieces here, Laurence’s leather jacket being one. The rest of the looks were kind of boring and basic. Such as above this very simple, easy to make, bright yellow skirt from Tasha. I’m not sure what else she worked on, but I don’t think we saw enough of Tasha in this collection.


Erin’s coat above, was another standout piece for the collection. It’s a fun coat, might not be wearable to all, but this team really did state their vision for who their client was, so it wouldn’t be a coat for the masses. But back to my point from above, what was under this coat? I don’t even think the judges looked at it, probably because it was nothing special.


Another stunning Mary Kay makeup look!

This was the judges least fave of the collection, mine too! It didn’t fit in with the other looks and  it was way too short. This kind of brings me to my next issue with this collection, the money! This team had a larger budget, but I didn’t really see it in this collection. I expected more with $2200. The problem with Team Unity was overdesign, seeing too much. I felt as if we saw more from them with less though and that didn’t sit well with me. Brik and Jenni created this look above. I’m not a fan of Briks’ and this dress does nothing to change my mind on that opinion!


Mary Kay & Sally Beauty shoutouts!

Then we have Dexter’s look, the suit with trimming details. The details were nice, but I didn’t care for the fabric here and it didn’t really standout to me. I think he spent more time on overseeing rather than designing, but of this group, he was the winning designer, and I do think for his leadership role, that was well deserved. However, if it was based on the best look, Laurence should have won!


With House of Bouton winning, that meant someone from Team Unity would go home. The decision really came down to who had the worst look and who had the most responsibility in this collection’s creations — Alex & Roberi. Mah-jing, somewhat surprisingly, had the best look of the collection. Surprisingly just because he was worried on his lack of voice in the creation of the collection, but this look was chic and modern.


I don’t even recall discussion on Cornelius’ look, but this printed jacket was super cute. But it led to the start of a major problem with this collection, the cohesion. These looks individually, were not all bad, but put together as a collection, didn’t make much sense.


Sally Beauty shoutout — gorgeous curls!

This look seemed to create the most discussion, with Roberi really taking control of this look. Nathalia did the jacket, which was not a bad jacket, but back to cohesion, I didn’t really get how it fit with this collection. But the judges really didn’t care for the top or bottoms here, which put Roberi in jeopardy.


As much as I didn’t want to see Roberi leave, I never wanted to see Alex leave either. And sadly, that is what happened. Generally in group challenges, teams try to throw someone under the bus. But that was hard to do here. In fact, and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it to this magnitude, but several of the designers said to send them home if it came down to it. Alex leaving was a pure shame, a major head-scratcher. And what was even worse, Tim Gunn didn’t use the save!! Are you kidding me! I am all but hoping that tonight, they start off with a “Gotcha” moment and Alex gets to come back. This look above was not the worst of the bunch. And this collection was certainly not the worst mini-collection in PR history. Alex should not have gone home this early. Perhaps Tim has in mind who he would use the save on if it came down to it. I can only think of Erin being deserving at this point. But she seems to be doing okay, so I don’t get Tim’s logic here at all. The judges decision, while hard, did make the most sense I guess with how everything came to be during this episode. But Tim could have turned it around & to me, failed in making a good decision here!



Proj. Runway & Swimwear


This week, the Project Runway designers took on swimwear. With Tim being all decked out in a special ensemble, he & Heidi joined the designers on the runway to further show off more details on the challenge!


Each designer would create their own fabric to use in designing a stylish swimsuit & cover-up that would fit in with/be inspired by Heidi’s line, Heidi Klum Swimwear. The winning design would be sold as a part of the line.


To create the print, the designers would work with technical & digital experts. The designers would then head to Mood, with a budget of $100 for supplemental fabric, all for this 1-day challenge.


The episode began with a little hate-or-ade being spewed on Erin. Natural jealousies of course since she has won 2 challenges. Moving onto a little workroom drama, we first saw Cornelius having some difficulties with this swimwear challenge. Of course, as the episode progressed, we saw other designers were too facing trouble.


Heidi soon popped in, alongside Tim, for some critiques. Naturally, she had some pretty choice opinions. I was certainly ready to get the runway started! This week’s guest judge was model & author Lucky Blue Smith. So who rose to the occasion this week, and which designers sank?


Before the judges top & bottom 3, here are a few personal shoutouts of my own —

pr15-ep4-nj-final  Nathalia J — I thought the swimsuit was pretty cute, interesting print, Also, SHOUTOUT to both Mary Kay & Sally Beauty here, love the entire beauty look!!

pr15-ep4-co-final  Cornelius — SHOUTOUT again for both Mary Kay & Sally Beauty, another stunning glam, beauty look!


Dexter — SHOUTOUTS — All areas, JustFab, killer heels, Mary Kay, love that pop of red on the lip, & Sally Beauty, curl-icious!


On now to the judges top 3, getting right to the winner, since I was certainly in agreement with both the top 3 and the winner, let’s discuss Rik. The swimsuit, the cover-up, all super chic, and in black & white, LOVE! Also, SHOUTOUT to Mary Kay for this beautiful makeup look, very natural & fresh.


The judges almost gave the top spot to Alex, however my close 2nd would have been Roberi. I loved this print, it exuded such fun in the spirit and with all the colors.


And then of course, as mentioned above, Alex was also in the top 3. I do think Alex did a great job. The cover-up here seemed more than just a cover-up, so I appreciate the effort he put into that piece. The overall look was very Grecian, and the trim of royal blue was the perfect pop of color!


Moving on now to the bottom 3, sadly, I don’t think Sarah should have been the one to go this week. I say sadly, because of this bottom 3, my choice would have unfortunately been Tasha. I just don’t think she did much here. Sarah’s print was a little more inventive and unique. I figured Jenni would be in the bottom because she dismissed Heidi’s suggestions, but this bikini was barely wearable. I do like Tasha, so I’m hoping she will bounce back!


Jenni, again, in the bottom, basically not listening to Heidi. I thought the coverup was interesting, and given the off coloring of Jenni’s print, I think she did her best to make it work.


SHOUTOUT — Mary Kay, lovely beauty look


So that means Sarah was out and I do think that was unfortunate. She did a pretty decent job the week before, and I don’t think of the entire bunch, her swimsuit was the worst. The cover-up was not great, but let’s get real, a lot of other cover-ups were throwaways as well. And this print, it was very vintage, definitely something I can see as a print being used today.


SHOUTOUTS — Mary Kay for the makeup look & Sally Beauty for the luscious curls!


Proj. Runway — Blacklight Fashion


This past episode of Project Runway, what a fantastic one it was! Tim & Heidi were there right from the get go to intro the challenge, which was a first for PR. Each designer had to create a look that sparkled not only in daylight, but under black lights. Tim then went to meet the designers in the workroom for more on the inspiration behind the challenge.


Joining Tim in the workroom was Sherrianne James, VP of Marketing for Transitions Optical, eyewear that transitions based on lighting. The winning design would appear in an exclusive spread in Marie Claire. The designers were obviously stoked! The workroom was filled with new UV materials — paints, highlighters, and lights. And a room had been outfitted with black lights so the designers could test their looks.


It was then time to head to Mood, with a $200 budget, to start this 1 day challenge. Throughout this episode, we saw some touching workroom support, such as ‘Happy Fathers Day’ wishes to Mah-Jing. We also learned these designers were getting a little frisky, talking about wanting conjugal visits and all!


Tim Gunn time made me all the more excited to get this runway show going! I also later heard Heidi announce the Tim Gunn save was in play for this season. I hadn’t heard her say this before, maybe I missed it, but good to hear it’s there if need be! And the guest judge for this inaugural runway was actress Jaime King. Of course, then all of the judges got to hear Jenni’s crazy laugh! But enough of the pre-runway details, so just how crazy good was this runway!?!


I was excited about the black light portions. Some of the designs didn’t really work without the black light, but we all know the point here was to look crazy cool under that type of light than regular lights! Picking a top 3 would have been so hard here, I have to give some personal fave shoutouts!


pr15-ep3-sd-final  Sarah, super cute, very Gossip Girl-esque. The skirt effect under the black light was very cool as well. SHOUT-OUTS FOR SALLY BEAUTY, LOVE THIS CHIC PONYTAIL & MARY KAY, CLEAN, FRESH LOOK!!


pr15-ep3-rp-final  Please tell me how Roberi missed the top 3 here!! This flirty dress was great, both for the regular runway and the black light portion. It really looked like under the sea magic! Also, another SHOUTOUT DUO FOR SALLY BEAUTY, FREE FLOWING HAIR, & MARY KAY, SIMPLE, CLEAN LOOK!


And lastly, Nathalia, not the greatest without the black light, a little to crazy coloring, workout gear-esque, but under the black light, this look was DOPE!

JustFab shoutout for Nathalia’s choice of black & white striped heels, super cute and looked very cool under the black light


On now to the judges top 3, and I’m just skipping to the winner, because here it was clear, ERIN!! This dress looked a little cooky on the runway, but would stand out anywhere! But under the black light, I was in awe! So pretty, so fun, the details on this dress were mesmerizing. The judges I think made a mistake or 2 in their top 3, but this was the winner regardless!


pr15-ep3-co-final  Cornelius too did a great job this week. I wasn’t sure if the judges would get the now-ness of this emoji dress, but I’m happy they did! The transformation this dress made from white sheath dress to fun spirited emoji dress under the black light was AMAZING!

SHOUTOUTS — Mary Kay, love the pop of colors!


pr15-ep3-jr-final Rounding out the top 3 for the judges was Jenni. I was a little surprised they were so gaga over this look. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the hand paint detailing on the trim of the clear raincoat aspect of the look. But I didn’t envision top 3 here. Plus, they of course didn’t point this out, but during the judges close up look, you could see the paint was coming off again, a problem which Jenni had in the workroom.

SHOUTOUT — Sally Beauty, love the curly updo


pr15-ep3-rv-final Moving onto the bottom 3 for the judges, it mostly made sense. The judges, mainly guest judge Jaime King, seemed super offended by Rik’s look. It definitely looked way worse up close than on the runway since you could see the cheek exposure! But all in all, it was too much for the eye to take in.


pr15-ep3-mjw-final  Mah-Jing also landed in the bottom, actually super close to going home. For the 2nd week in a row, the judges were in such a heated debate on who should go home. Annoyingly, last week, Heidi won out, with I think Zac caving in, saving Brik, sending Linda out. By the way, not really loving Brik — his look this week, not anything to write home about, just a white dress that barely did much under a black light!

But back to this week, Heidi was on the outs again this week, as she seemed to be the only one who wanted Mah-Jing out. Not sure what Heidi is thinking so far this season, but Kimber going home was the better choice! Yes, Mah-Jing’s look was not great, but he owned up to it, and admitted his mistakes. Plus, this was his 1st slip-up, whereas Kimber was in the bottom last week as well.


pr15-ep3-kr-final  So yes, as mentioned already, Kimber went home this week. Her look wasn’t all that bad on the runway, but it didn’t really do much under the black light. In both regards, it was just kind of a yawn.


Until next week……


Proj. Runway — Make It Fab

In the 2nd episode of the season, the designers met Tim Gunn at a NYC park to await the details of their next challenge. Alongside Tim was Traci Inglis, the Chief Marketing Officer of JustFab (the accessories wall sponsor of this season). Suddenly, women started gathering all around the designers, very much a part and inspiration for this next challenge.


The challenge, to think of women, all ages, all sizes, all who are fab and who shop at JustFab. Each designer was to make a look for the everyday woman, a look that would flatter all body types and make each woman feel fabulous. As a perk, JustFab would reproduce and sell the winning look online.


The designers had 1 day for the challenge and a Mood budget of $150. Besides this episode being about all things fab, we of course saw some workroom drama, and more on the insanely unique laugh of one designer! This week’s guest judge was actress Nina Dobrev. So which designers’ looks were fab and whose looks ended up being drab?


Unlike in the premiere episode, Heidi didn’t sound quite as enthusiastic about this runway as the first one. I thought it was a tad better for some designers, but still hoping others will step it up. Cornelius was quite the pot-stirrer in this episode, but drama aside, I loved his mixed print dress. I thought it was quite chic. Maybe it didn’t make top 3 as I could see it not working for all body types, but I am a fan!


JustFab shoutout — dig the bright red heels!


Mary Kay shoutout — Clean and chic


For the judges’ top 3, I thought Erin should have won. Her win here would have made much more sense than the last one. This look screamed fab, and would definitely make the average, everyday woman feel FABULOUS!


The winner was Laurence. Her jumpsuit was certainly well made, a standout from some of the other looks. I still do not think it screamed FAB, but it did read street chic.


Mary Kay & Sally Beauty shoutout — Love the updo and stunning smoky eye


Alex’s look was not bad, I actually liked the pieces, but not styled together. I think they worked better as separates. But Alex has certainly not been a disappointment this season — looking forward to more!


Moving onto the bottom 3, first we have Kimber who was luckily not in the bottom 2. These two items didn’t work as a pair. And while the judges focused on the top, I didn’t think the pants were all that well made.


Sally Beauty shoutout — love all the flowing waves

There was so much debate on who would go home this week. I think with Brik being safe yet again, all of the debate was all the more annoying! It was super clear Heidi was the only one who truly thought Linda should have gone home over Brik. I’m not sure how he was safe yet again, but I think this was the WRONG decision! Bottom 2, twice in a row, seems like a no brainer!


So unfortunately, that does mean Linda was out this week. She was certainly deserving to be in the bottom 3, but she at least took some risk. I am writing this recap a bit late and just missed the 3rd episode, but it is safe to say that unless Brik the Bore steps it up, he should be out next. Not sure why the judges, aka Heidi, would want to save him yet again!

Proj. Runway — Meet the Designers

So in this 1st episode of PR Season 15, besides learning that glitter is the herpes of the design world, we of course also met this season’s batch of new designers! We started with all of the designers meeting in a hall, sipping on some champagne, seeing that 2 designers already knew each other, and being introduced to one of the most unique laughs I ever heard. But as Heidi & Tim entered the room, we all knew it was time to MAKE IT WORK!


For this 1st challenge, it was very much like previous seasons in that each designer was expected to show their POV as a designer. But the shake-up was bringing in what is generally later on in a given season — the unconventional materials challenge. What were the unconventional materials? The spirit and vibe that the decorations in the meeting hall had created, would be the same materials the designers were to use in order to infuse spirit into their looks. And with that, the designers were off running around, making a total mess naturally. And my oh my, those poor flowers!! Chill-ax gents!


The designers were then off to the workroom to begin this 1-day challenge. Tim-time was a little fiesty, well at least with the discussion between Ian & Tim. Skipping to the end since Ian of course left this week, but wow, future Tim/Ian meetings would have been interesting!


As we came closer to the runway, we saw that JustFab was here for the accessory wall. And for all things GLAM, Mary Kay was on board for the makeup and Sally Beauty for hair. This first episode’s guest judge was The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie.


The judges praised the 1st runway, but overall I saw a lot of safe designs. I saw too much by way of snooze-fests and crazy sleeves. Unconventional is hard, so I know the season will only get better! I saw a few designs which I think better occupied spaces in both the top & bottom, but for this 1st recap, I will focus on the judges’ top & bottom picks.


Of the judges’ picks for top 3, I preferred Tasha the most. I wouldn’t wear this look — it’s just not me. But I can clearly see this girl and for the right person, the could rock it! WERK!!


Dexter’s look was a showpiece, but I was a bit surprised it made the top 3. This is not to say it was deserving to be in the bottom, but it read too big to me. The bodice segment was quite cool and hip though.


An even bigger surprise for this top 3 was Erin making it and then winning! This is not again to say her look was so bad, but I was quite in shock that all 4 judges just loved this look that much. I thought it came across a bit too costume-y, gimmicky.


JustFab shoutout — love these killer heels!

Mary Kay shoutout — fresh, poppin’ beauty look

While on the subject of surprises, how Roberi landed in the bottom 3, please explain. My guess is that 2 judges, Nina & Savannah gave it a low score, but the fact that the remaining 2 judges didn’t, I just don’t see how he landed in the bottom 3?? Yes, the look was short, but no cheeks were shown! And this look was just so intriguing, so artistic. It just makes 0 sense how yawns and bores made it safe, but Roberi was bottom 3 — NO!


Sally Beauty shoutout — Cornelius was similar with the braid updo, so both were standouts to me!

Thankfully Roberi was in no danger of going home, with the bottom 2 being comprised of Brik & Ian. All episode, the other designers were loving these glitter pants. Was that fake?? I was going to be baffled in this made the top 3. He glued glitter on muslin pants, not too impressive. But the top, especially the shoulders made of caps was more impressive. The judges here were absolutely correct that this look was a disconnect.


But it was Ian who went home this week. His look wasn’t the worst of the bunch, but boy did his attitude suck. He clearly was not receptive of any criticism. Designers come onto PR, or at least should come on the show, to learn and grow. If you can make it on your own, you wouldn’t be on this show. Ian didnt’ seem to accept anything that Tim or the judges said and PR didn’t seem like a good fit for him.

PR Designers Order Classics with a Side of Modern Twists

pr14-ep4-episode3So before the designers headed off on their 1st trip this season to Mood, they met with Tim & Mary Kay global makeup artist Luis Casco on a NYC dock. Why?!? To receive their challenge of course! The challenge this week was to take a classic design and add a modern, unique twist to it. Meeting on the dock was to allow the designers the chance to take in the gorgeous city views as inspiration. In addition, as Luis was there to provide the challenge details, this of course meant it was a Mary Kay challenge. Each designer would receive a makeup consultation to give their modern designs a modern beauty amplification.  And finally, to incentivize the designers (which I think was needed!), the winning design would receive a cash prize of $5k and their look would be featured in a Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire magazine.


The designers had 30 minutes to sketch and then it was off to Mood with 45 minutes to shop and a budget of $250. Tim reminded the designers as they got back to the workroom to be mindful of time as this was a 1 day challenge, but they also had to do meetings with him, consultations with Luis, and of course do their model fittings. As the designers started working, we saw Gabrielle anxiously awaiting for Tim to come by and Amanda in doubt. I totally got where Amanda was coming from with being in the bottom so much. I stick by what I’ve said in previous recaps though, Amanda should not have been in the bottom 2 for the Hallmark challenge and her bottom 3 placement last week was ridiculous. Not being in the bottom would have been a much needed confidence booster for her!


Tim-time highlights, Swapnil going from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Breakfast in Vegas! Also, Blake was baffling Tim! But overall, Tim was energized about the work he was seeing! For model fittings, Laurie was given a new model — not sure why?? But much sooner, rather than later, the morning of the runway came about and it was chaos as usual. Gabrielle was having sewing machine troubles, while Blake was dealing with cuts and blood stains on his garment. Yikes!


This week’s guest judge was Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka!


I was actually quite impressed with the runway this week. I had a hard time myself picking a top 3. Most of the judges’ top 3 was understandable, but my top 3 consisted of Candice, Ashley, and Laurie.


I saw Ashley’s look come down the runway and I was like, Wow, so pretty! This was feminine, fashionable, and the back was GORGEOUS! I think the skirt could have worked a tad shorter, but overall, this look was super impressive! Shout-outs — JustFab for the stunning accessories, killer heels & coordinating white clutch; Sally Beauty for hair, lovely side-swept wavy do; & Mary Kay for the beauty look, very natural, slight cat eye, love it!


Laurie’s look was also a stand-out for me. I loved the volume on the top and the eye-catching print for the pencil skirt. Heads would definitely turn as this look walked the streets! Shout-outs — JustFab for the sexy heels and oversized envelope clutch


The judges top 3 differed from my own, as did their winner. Hands down, Candice should have won this week! How the judges picked Blake’s look over this one is mind-boggling to me. This look was bad ass, phenomenal jacket, and what a fit!


The best part, not only was it a great look, but it was also well-made, unlike the winning look. Come on judges, let’s reward execution as well as design!


Shout-outs — JustFab, love the heels! Also Mary Kay, love this bold red lip!


Even though Swapnil was not in my top 3, he still did an amazing job this week. And with the judges’ top 3, this should have at least came in 2nd! I love a LBD and I would for sure rock this one. It was super sexy and the back was quite alluring. I love when a look is captivating from all angles.


Blake rounded out the top 3 and was the winning look. I’m still not sure how this happened. I don’t think Blake should have gone home, but he even thought his look was in the bottom. That should kind of tell you something. If he couldn’t even be confident at first, how should we as viewers buy that this was not just in the top 3, but also the winning look??


The judges even admitted this look was poorly constructed, which even further confuses the result for me. I am eager to see more from Blake and I’ve loved a lot of what he has done this season. His look last week was my winning look and was far more deserving than this dress. I’m sure it will photograph well and the color use was great, but still not a winning look for me.


Shout-out, Sally Beauty, spectacular fishtail braid!

Before getting to the bottom, let’s look at the rest of the safe designs. Kelly’s look was quite interesting this week. I was impressed that she made a great pair of pants, especially after seeing so many horrific ones last week. But the more I look at her top, the more I love it. The styling threw me a bit, but this top had such great details, making it more than just a shirt & a pair of pants.


I will give Joseph & Merline some credit this week for showing signs of improvement. They really needed to at this point. Joseph’s black look was well-made and had a great fit. It wasn’t overly brilliant, but better than his previous work so good for him. Merline did amazing work with this jacket. I couldn’t fully see what was going on underneath the jacket, so not sure of my feelings there, but again, a vast improvement from not just last week, but all of her previous work.

pr14-ep4-jcp  pr14-ep4-ml

Shout-out — Sally Beauty, love Joseph’s messy updo

-project-run5way--sea   -project-ru1nway--sea

Edmond did a good job, little short, but much better than last week. Not top 3 material, but I appreciate a comeback. Jake’s look on the other hand was was a trainwreck. It was way too short and there was nothing innovative or original about this look at all. Hello, Tom Ford!! Shout-out to him with Sally Beauty though, love the sexy, gorgeous waves!


Lindsey came in third from the bottom. I pegged this as a bottom look as well. I don’t think she should have gone home, but my notes here were that the skirt could have been shorter and more of a crop for the crop top. I didn’t get the pairing of these 3 pieces. If the focus was on the inner pieces versus the outer, then I say ditch the outerwear. The judges were correct in saying that this ready as thick and it did swallow the model. Shout-outs Mary Kay for this stunning burgundy lip & Sally Beauty for another pretty side-swept wavy do!


I actually feel bad for Amanda at this point. Clearly the judges, producers, or someone does not like this girl. Why did they put her on the show then! I mean 3 weeks at the bottom, that is a lot. I think of all her bottom 3 placements, this was the most deserving, but seeing Jake escape the bottom then in light of the judges’ critiques this week, I’m baffled. I have seen Amanda’s previous work and I know she is better than this look. I actually plan to see her presentation with the House of Perna for NYFW in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! I will continue my support of her despite the judges’ misguided bottom placements.


This left Gabrielle being eliminated this week. If I had it my way, Jake would have gone. So for everyone being upset over her early elimination, I believe the better answer or solution was not Amanda then being eliminated, but rather Jake. Gabrielle’s jacket was not that bad, but it was not a saving grace for the overall look.


The white dress was so basic and to then not be well-made was not a good thing. I hate seeing her go at this point, but I’m eager to continue to follow her work outside of the show. But from her body of work, I didn’t see her making top 3.


Shout-outs — JustFab for the metallic silver heels; Sally Beauty for the beautiful loose updo and Mary Kay for a stunning beauty look, nude lip & smoky eye.

PR All-Star Designers Roll the Dice


This week on Project Runway All-Stars, the stakes were high as the designers rolled the dice, taking on a fashion gamble. The gamble being it was the roll of the dice that would set-up each designer’s challenge details for the week. One dice encompassed fabric, the other for what occasion the designers would be creating for. So the runway became a gambling table and each designer made their rolls.


The order of the rolls truly made no difference this week, but Fabio having won last week took his turn first. Then each designer unnecessarily chose who would roll next, leaving Dmitry to go last. Here is what everyone was set to create for the week —

  • Fabio — Masquerade Ball look, made of denim
  • Sonjia — Bachelorette Party look, made of brocade
  • Samantha — Awards Ceremony outfit, made of brocade
  • Michelle — Gallery Opening piece, made of lace
  • Justin — Gallery Opening look, made of silk
  • Helen — Another Awards Ceremony ensemble, made of brocade, unofficial fashion face-off with Samantha
  • Gunnar — Masquerade Ball look, made of brocade
  • Jay — Sunday Brunch outfit, made of denim
  • Dmitry — Gallery Opening piece, made of velvet


After sketch-time, the designers were off to Mood with a budget of $150. There were lots of brocade looks this week and also a few fabric concerns. Dmitry was quite unhappy with having to work with velvet. I wholeheartedly understand, not a fan of velvet myself! Everyone was then back to the workroom to begin this 1-day challenge. Work began with a little bit of fun & play at the QVC accessory wall, but that quickly faded this week as some claws started to come out!


I found only 2 aspects of this episode intriguing or interesting. The results ended up being predictable, but I was interested to see how the judges would formulate the top & bottom 3. But the other intriguing aspect was seeing some drama this week. Hey, now I would rather an episode be great because there was a bunch of truly phenomenal looks that graced the runway. But that didn’t happen in this episode so I was only left to enjoy some drama!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.28 PM

First up, there was Sonjia v. most of the designers. Apparently the fabric she wanted to work with was not a brocade. Now Sonjia said it was in the brocade section. And all we saw was the designers voicing their opinions and Sonjia ending up changing her fabric choice. I’m sure the powers that be somehow behind the scenes confirmed that the fabric she initially wanted to use was not brocade. Although just like last week with some Sonjia fabric drama, I’m not sure what all the fuss was about. Neither of her selections this week were worthy of such attention.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.31 PM

The other bit of dramatic tension this week was Helen v. Jay. Helen went over to Jay to offer him some friendly advice, saying his Sunday Brunch look was more akin to that of a club or party girl look. He took offense, overreacting a bit, ending up call her a Beee-yatch! Now on one hand, I agree with Helen in the sense that Jay’s look did not read Sunday Brunch. But waiting to call him out in front of everyone, especially his model, probably not the best timing. Also, this is a competition, if Jay wants to shoot himself in the foot, at this point, let him. And then with Jay, overreaction, but did we really expect anything less. I guarantee the same thing would have happened with pretty much any other designer v. designer scenario. Actually, at least Jay said his response back to her face. Many of the other designers probably would have just saved their reaction for their private sessions, not having the guts to be so vocal and upfront with their response.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.25.11 PM

Oddly enough, way less dramatic, was Zanna-time! She added some incentive for the designers, what good that did I’m not sure. But the winning look this week would be worn by Alyssa in an upcoming feature for Marie Claire. She urged the designers to forget about the hands they were dealt and to push forward, to be super creative.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.52 PM

The judges panel was finally lessened to only 4 judges this week, also seeing a return of Georgina who has been missing for quite a few episodes. The guest judge for the panel was CFDA winner Michael Bastian.


The top & bottom for the week pretty much made sense. But as I mentioned earlier, I was intrigued to see how the top & bottom would develop. There easily could have been a few switch-ups and I wouldn’t have been surprised. But let’s look at the top 3 first, although it seemed more like a top 2!


Sonjia was the winner of the week. I’m not sure I see this as the best look for Alyssa in Marie Claire. But she did just what she was supposed to this week, she designed a sexy look for a Bachelorette Party, made of brocade. This gold fabric to me was quite hideous, in fact, I agreed with Justin; it looked cheap. But somehow, Sonjia actually made this work. I think a different fabric choice would have still been leaps & bounds better with this design, but making it work, where others designers simply did not, this was what led to her win.



Mary Kay shout-out, love this bold red lip & cat eye! The look was sexy and fun. There was a bit of shimmer giving the outfit a special touch, but I still think Sonjia could have pushed a bit more. This was not her strongest win, but deserved in my book because other designers this week simply failed to step up their game.

Chi Hair Care shout-out, love this fishtail braid!


Michelle rounded out what I’m only calling a top 2. She could have won, but making the hip area bigger, way wrong move! Only working with lace had to be hard; it’s very sheer. But Michelle worked wonders with layering. And what was even more great about her work this week was that she took some odd color choices and really paired them together to create a very eye-catching piece.


But as I said, the bigger hip area was the wrong move. I think a more fitted look, maybe even a little shorter would have hit the mark, making Michelle more of a contender for the win. I also think this type of look would be way more fitting for Alyssa in Marie Claire. But with the design choices made, Alyssa must have not been so in love with it. She embraced the fashion gamble this week though, whereas other designers did not, so kudos to her for that.


The judges then placed Helen in the “top 3”, although from their critique it didn’t sound so lovey-dovey to me. This look was not all bad, but it wasn’t all good. I agreed with Georgina, it had way to much going on. The 2-piece aspect just didn’t work with the slit and the neckline. So not only did she have too much going on, but the elements didn’t work well together.


A few edits though and Helen too, just like Michelle, could have hit a home-run. She also did a great job with sticking to her challenge details. She had a difficult fabric choice and made it work for not only her look, but the event at hand, an awards ceremony.


Mary Kay beauty shout-out, gorgeous shimmery eye and subtle red lip. But ultimately, what didn’t work for me here was how all of the elements came together; it just made the look less luxe.


Justin lucked out having been in the bottom 3, but not the bottom 2. Just as with Helen though, the look wasn’t all bad, but did have quite a few things wrong with it. The dress was too short. I didn’t quite see it being such a grand design concept for a gallery opening. The sleeves also didn’t pair well with his choice of neckline. And I agreed with the judges, the proportion seemed off.


But the look did have some positives, which is why Justin deservedly was not in the bottom 2. I really liked this print — it was very Justin. The back was gorgeous. And I commend his starting off points. Had the look been longer, drop the sleeves, keep the neckline, BAM! Justin would have already been way better off.

Another Mary Kay Beaut Shout-out — Lots of great, bold red lips this week!


Fabio ended up in the bottom 2 this week, which was quite a shocker coming off of his win last week. I didn’t think his dress was deserving of such harsh criticism, but I think the judges took some serious offense to his choices for the week. He didn’t embrace working with denim. He chose a fabric that barely even resembled denim. His styling was also way off this week, perhaps a bit too much, the grey eye, the pearl necklaces as a head wrap.


Isaac took the most offense with Fabio’s work this week, ultimately feeling like Fabio dropped the ball. This part I agree with though. Even had Fabio not been in the bottom, he was only aiming for the safe-zone. He won’t win this season with that attitude so hopefully next week, he steps it back up.


This left Gunnar rounding out the bottom 3, and ultimately going home this week. This was not a huge surprise. The past few weeks he’s struggled with executing his design concepts. He has some great ideas, but PRAS was not the place for him to allow those ideas to flourish.


There was just way too much wrong here for him to escape elimination again. The fit was way off. The bodice had no structure to it, very unflattering. He selected some interesting fabric choices and had an intriguing idea, but again, he was not able to execute it. Sad to still see him go though. Gunnar seems like such a great person and I don’t doubt his talent. But time restraints are clearly not his friend!