J. Lindeberg’s Vision of Space — A Tailored Odyssey


J. Lindeberg presented its “Tailored Odyssey”, “Visions of Space” collection for NYMD, during NYFW, held at Industria Superstudio and presented by Cadillac. Head designer Jessy Heuvelink to say the least, created some out of this world menswear pieces!


TWO PLANETS, TWO REALITIES — The images sent back to us from outer space do more than just awaken our curiosity. They take us on a voyage. And with the A/W collection for J. Lindeberg, the brand invites you to join them for the journey!


This collection takes you on a journey, from the spectacular red planet that is Mars, its abyssal black canyons and mysterious dunes, which are both silent & dramatic, continuing then to Earth, the most colorful of all heavenly bodies in our universe.


With it icy glaciers, weathered rock formation and vast forests, Earth is a celebration of every color in the universal spectrum. The intriguing juxtaposition of these 2 captivating planets, Earth & Mars, formed the foundation of the J. Lindeberg men’s A/W collection.


There were so many spectacular pieces in this collection. The suits were well tailored, providing a great fit. The outerwear was most dynamic. The mix of hues, from neutrals of shades of brown, to more vibrant color tones in teal and maroon, were all quite captivating.


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  • Additional credits — Agentry PR, Johnston & Murphy, Double Cross Vodka