Spring 2014 for Katya Leonovich is Fashionably Pleated, Paneled, Patch-Worked & More!


Katya Leonovich utilized a vast array of techniques in this Spring 2014 collection. Some looks had bold printed effects while others showcased a variety of ways to work with leather in a garment-patchwork, lacing or pleating. A lot of the looks gave off the impression of being fashionably disheveled, or a bit unkempt, but still being chic. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but there was a bit of disorder with the pieces and it really worked. This is not to say the looks weren’t polished or constructed well, but rather a direct intent to not have complete order. I enjoyed the spark of imagination and creative ingenuity that this collection’s energy gave off. There were a lot of great pieces and here are some of them!

h-623_w-360   Printed silk taffeta multicolored dress

h-623_w-361   Crinkled rose pink linen coat

h-623_w-362  Golden bronzed leather patchwork dress

h-623_w-363   Crinkled silk navy blue dress with printed cover-up

h-623_w-365   Black leather dress with lacing

h-623_w-366   Hand-printed chiffon tunic with crinkled linen pants

h-623_w-367   Hand-printed sky blue silk taffeta dress with chiffon ruffles

h-623_w-368    Lilac sleeveless crinkled coat dress with double collar and rope belt

h-623_w-369   Hand-printed silk taffeta dress in nude and tan colors with chiffon ruffles

h-623_w-370   Crinkled linen vest in rose pink & hand-printed silk pants

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