Running the Gamut for Designer Aesthetics


Nicholas K. & Mongol, 2 phenomenal shows, with designers who have vastly different aesthetics. However, each presented very clear designer POVs, complete with a great deal of stunning looks! The runway shows for NYFW were at MBFW, Lincoln Center. So first up, let’s check out Nicholas K.!

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Siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz found inspiration in “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” a 1920 German silent horror film. “It’s very distorted,” said Nicholas, citing its Expressionist themes and stylized sets. “If you watch it now, it actually looks very modern.” I’ve not seen this film, but I can see a modernized take on Nicholas K.’s signature with this driven inspiration of the 20s film.

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The duo’s dark, brooding beauties strutted the runway in long, capelike knits, floor-length coats with fur collars, sheer silk dresses in hand-dyed labyrinth prints and aviator skullcaps. Leather and hardware accented the draped separates, mostly in black and brown tinged with pops of red and burgundy.

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Nicholas K. has distinct signatures, one such being the eye-catching details of a given piece. So no, the brand is not just about your average everyday black asymmetrical coat. They really do pay attention to even the tiniest of details — leather straps, gloves, outerwear snaps, jewelry, and more.

463259402_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000   463259404_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000   463259422_jpg_297_0_1640_28358209_3000

Nicholas K. is all about the “urban nomad”, creating looks made for movement, a journey, traveling, and performance in step with the 21st-century consumer. The vision here has always been to have a more relevant approach to fashion. And with the utilitarian brilliance of uniforms, inventing a new platform of luxurious everyday sportswear with an urban edge has thus been created. This is exactly what this collection embodies, only escalating it all to the next level. Nicholas K. is continuously evolving and I’m glad that season in, season out, I am able to witness this evolution!


Celebs & special guests in attendance — CEO of CFDA Steven Kolb, Lizzy Plapinger, Natalie Bergman, Shaun Ross, Irina Pantaeva, Eric West, Pete Wentz, George Kotsiopoulos, Kristen Taekman.

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Next up, Mongol!

463350108_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000  463350124_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000

Born in Mongolia, stylish ‘It Girl’, Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu (affectionately known as BB) showed love for her Mongolian heritage with a debut collection filled with colorful, daring, and dynamic clothing. The show opened with an artistic performance featuring a musician playing the morin khuur, a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument, and was later joined by a hip-hop singer creating a dramatic intro to the anticipated collection. The pieces here perfectly encapsulated tradition, luxury and casual comfort, a true fusion of fashion, style and culture.

463350598_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000  463350606_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000

The inspiration here is clear. It’s straight from “traditional Mongolian costumes combined with [the] urban casual as well as [the] entrepreneur lifestyle.” Despite a traditional garb style inspriation, Bayarkhuu maintained contemporary fashion trends with the use of laser-cut applique overlays, geometric cutouts, and sequins. The pieces featured ornate fabrics in opulent colors that included turquoise, amethyst, sapphire and emerald to accentuate the raw materials used.

463350662_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000   463350666_jpg_321_0_1664_28358209_3000

The collection featured fur-trimmed kimonos, lamb fur boleros/coats, cut-outs, cashmere, embroidered silk, leather, and more. Draping over the shoulder was a common theme throughout. There were unique fabrics that included PVC and artistic laser-cut appliqué overlays.

463350670_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000   463350688_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000

This presentation was well thought out. Each look was not only fascinatingly unique, but was styled with great accessories! The jewelry, the eyewear, headpieces, and more made this runway all the more show-stopping.

463350616_jpg_365_0_1874_40298507_3371    463350628_jpg_374_0_1919_67164179_3452


I’m impressed by BB’s debut here. The quality, the craftsmanship, tailoring, fit and all were supremely top notch. With each piece there was such a regal quality, some with more flare than others, but a great balance of drama and understated pieces. From start to finish, this was indeed a full on, completely captivating show!

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Celebs & special guests in attendance — DJ Alex Merrell, model Taylor Badgley, designer Ben Schulman, Lily Lane, Cory Kennedy, Kendall Schmidt, Lauren Rae Levy, Andrew Werner, Producer Ten Travis, model Jessica Minh Anh, Gregori Lukas, Mr. India Galaxy Prakash Patil.

463363634_jpg_328_0_1671_28358209_3000  463363646_jpg_249_0_1592_28358209_3000  463363652_jpg_300_0_1643_28358209_3000

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463363684_jpg_574_0_2922_05970149_5244  463363704_jpg_328_0_1671_28358209_3000  463364538_jpg_585_0_2980_52238806_5350   463364728_jpg_328_0_1671_28358209_3000

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