Red Carpet Flair & Femininity

463392788_jpg_6_0_3273_2178For 2 designers, August Getty & Jay Godfrey, 2 main aspects had to be on their mind — thoughts of red carpet dreams & fairy tales, as well as the celebration of femininity. Between these 2 bold designers, so many looks caught my eye that I could easily see on the red carpet. These looks were not only red carpet worthy, but perfectly embodied being super feminine, daringly sexy looks that many women would most definitely want to rock. Both presented during NYFW at MBFW, Lincoln Center. First up, August Getty!

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August Getty has a very clear aesthetic, focused signature and that was what this F/W collection was about, not so much being all about an inspiration. The main focal point here was varied works with leather. For most of the looks, everything was leather – coats, dresses, shirts, shoes. Dark and sleek, it was all about this leather woman.

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Nearly every dress in this collection is sensual and feminine without being over the top. It really is about celebrating the female form. These looks are all super sexy, made for any woman who wants to feel boldly confident.

463392712_jpg_353_0_1959_56716418_3588   463392732_jpg_379_0_1942_58208955_3492

I love how daring these looks were. The balance was perfectly struck though, showing off a sexy side, but not crossing the line to trashy. The looks still encompassed a sense of elegance.


Shoes were provided by Guiseppe Zanotti and the makeup was courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

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Celebs & special guests in attendance — Kristin Cavallari, Shanola Hampton, Lennon & Maisy, Jennette McCurdy, Norman Reedus, Shaun Ross, Natalia Getty, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerzey Dean, Sophie Simmons.

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463391744_jpg_319_0_1821_23880597_3355   463391840_jpg_375_0_1925_59701493_3463


Next up, Jay Godfrey.

463422192_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000    463422194_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000

Jay stressed that putting this collection together was so much fun for him thanks to his brilliant team of designers and family for their continuous support.You can see the joy he experienced in this presentation. Everything was modern, elegant, very feminine and sexy.

463424044_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000   463424064_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000

This collection highlights Jay’s strong tailoring skills, with structured jackets and dresses in heavy black fabric with gold accents. He presented some amazing options for gorgeous red carpet ready looks, all featuring either a plunging neckline, open back, or mile high slit. There was a slight inspiration from the essence of cooking wine, throwing in a marsala charmeuse draped gown and plaid with suede moto jacket. Marsala also happens to be the 2015 Pantone Color of the year! Florals in the fall, not spring?? Yes, this too comes into play with floral flare leg trousers and blazer, as well as passion orchid with silver 4 ply two tone gown.

463422304_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000  463422308_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000

Jay’s line of offerings include plaid double breasted jacket, plaid flounce hem mini dress, and charcoal 4 ply with floral print high cut out gown. More looks include a black 4 ply jumpsuit, charcoal 4 ply with floral print high cut gown again, and plaid culotte and marsala charmeuse blouse. I am still amazed at how gorgeous and mesmerizing these looks are. I would hate to not see them again, and hope a few major celebs make the choice to don some of these looks in the future for red carpets and events!

463424226_jpg_441_0_2256_2238806_4054   463424378_jpg_327_0_1670_28358209_3000

Celebs & special guests in attendance — Kristen Taekman, and Lennon & Maisy.

463420394_jpg_520_0_2650_44776119_4758    463420430_jpg_607_0_3090_28358209_5546


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