Project Runway, Shame, Shame, Shame!

This is going to be a hard post to write. I am still in shock regarding this week’s turnout. Generally on competitive shows such as PR, I’m not a fan of bringing back contestants to mix with new contestants. However, with Kate, I made an exception because she was sadly part of last season’s forced team concept, which really didn’t work at all! Kate came back though and was better than ever. Recently, I even saw her MBFW finale collection and I was blown away. I for sure thought she made the final 3. So how did this all happen? Where did it all go wrong?

pr12-ep11-episode07                                       pr12-ep11-episode14

This week’s challenge was the now infamous HP & Intel textile design challenge. The designers create their own textile, this year on the HP Rove and then incorporate it into a garment of their choosing. This year there was a bit of a twist. Each designer met with a next generation innovator. That innovator was to serve as the muse, the inspiration, for the designer’s look. No client, no model, just a muse. The winning designer would receive an HP technology suite, inclusive of a Split X2 and a new rove. The innovator paired with that designer would also receive the same prize package.

So off went the designers to Mood for a 2 day challenge and suggested budget of $100. The designers the past 2 weeks seemed a bit more eager to spend. I guess they haven’t looked at their balances too much over the season and just stuck with the suggested budgets.  I guess it’s pretty cool that with GoBank and their app, they offer a pretty cool quick slide feature to easily check one’s balance. So I would say next week, the designers should look at this and not be stingy if the challenge merits it! So how did the designers fare with their prints and in the workroom.

pr12-ep11-episode19                         Helen’s Look             

I really only have 1 workroom thought this week and yes, it’s the same one every designer seemed to complain about this week-Helen. Boy does she ask a lot of ?s and she does seem to need a lot of guidance. What was such a shame this week was that all she ended up with was a crop top and long skirt. The print wasn’t even that great, stars?? And how that related to her innovative modern artist muse is still not clicking for me. I know she was in the top this week and based off the other designs it made sense because there is a top 3, but for me, that was by default.

-project-runway--sea             Alexandria’s look

What was also a factor for my disappointment this week was Alexandria’s look. She did something with brick and whitewash in her print?? You could barely even see it in her look, as in was that boring! But look at this again, so sloppy! How she was safe again is just beyond me. This lady must be a cat because she’s had like 9 lives. I think she has a friend in a high place, as in all it took was one judge to give her a bit of a higher mark and she was no longer in jeopardy! She hasn’t been on top in awhile. I saw her finale collection also and it wasn’t great. So my “send home” list would have included her above Kate who undeservedly went home.

pr12-ep11-episode15            Dom’s look

Before getting to the actual bottom, I will say this week there was only really a top 2 and I agree with the judges in that Bradon and Dom’s looks were outstanding. I do think Dom deserved the win so great job to them both. Bradon’s tight black fitted dress paired perfectly with his modern bomber jacket. The print was electric. The mix of the blue, black and white, inspired by his BMX rider going thru the city was amazing! Dom’s print and use of color was also so bold and daring. I loved her bodycon dress in bright pink, black and white. The lines showing connectivity among people was also inspiring from her innovator who brings funds to entrepreneurs around the world. So top 2 were deserving, but I’m still perplexed by the bottom.

pr12-ep11-episode17     Bradon’s look

I will say Alexander’s look was on my bottom and so while sad he had to leave, it was who I would have picked, after Alexandria. I know the muse was important and that his innovator was a chef, but it didn’t have to be so literal as in cake and latticework. I don’t think the print was horrible, but I didn’t get the white cross on the front. I get breaking up a print, but it just didn’t work for me. If I had to go then to the next poor look, it would have been a tie with Justin and Kate. I liked Justin’s print, but it didn’t work with that strapless gown silhouette. That print was great, but likely hard to work with and he just didn’t know what to do with it. Kate’s print, I know you couldn’t see, so I’m not sure what else could have worked, but again, it was just incorporated in a way that didn’t work. I wonder if the dress didn’t have all of the starburst pleats maybe it would have looked better. But either way, both prints didn’t work in the look. However the next logical thing would have been to have looked back at the designer’s body of work. And hands down, Kate’s body of work was stronger. So with 3 other designers, Justin, Alexander and Alexandria, all with poor looks and weaker bodies of work as compared to Kate, I just don’t see how Kate went home!

pr12-ep11-episode20   Kate’s look

pr12-ep11-episode18   Alexander’s look

Very disappointed, but I am pulling for Bradon now and he better be in that final 3 because I saw his collection and with Kate gone now, he should 100% win Project Runway this season!


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  1. Great blog entry! We’re on the same wavelength (although I don’t think readers are supposed to know that more than the last three designers had final runway shows. I’m not sure how that all works but all the looks are posted over at Tom and Lorenzo’s blog.)

    This is what I know. Alexandria tried out for the show a few seasons ago and they didn’t select her. They contacted her to come on the show for this season. Her looks have stunk to high heaven these last weeks and she got a free pass to the middle where nobody goes over the construction with a fine-tooth comb. She should have gone home.

    I have liked Alexander’s designs. There’s a closeup of his print at and it was prettier close up. But he did miss the point. And so did most of the designers. Oh, come on. Why have a muse for this particular challenge? More vague, confusing instructions. He shot himself in the foot with that cross that he thought was so clever.

    I thought that both Kate and Alexander had a better body of work. Justin should have gone home and Alexandria should have. And throw in Helen. She might be immature, but she is selfish for draining the others with her problems. How dare she ask her competitors for their opinions? And remember how Kate pulled her out awhile back? Kate helped to reverse Helen’s negative slump.

    Why did the show eliminate two? Were they off schedule after Tim saved Justin awhile back? I smell a rat somewhere.

    • Yea, it just doesn’t make sense. And then to see all of the collections during NYFW, I mean Kate’s was top notch. Just a very disappointing season and if anyone besides Bradon wins, i will be even more disappointed!

  2. I was pretty disappointed in Kate’s MBFW finale collection. She deserved the auf for this design, it really was a poor effort. Alexandria’s was the real mystery here.

    • I agree about Alexandria. A true mystery indeed because she has had some pretty bad pieces lately. It’s like I said in my piece, all it takes is one judge to give you a higher mark, and you could be safe. Especially with a week like this, where there were really only 2 standouts. I liked Kate’s finale collection so I guess agree to disagree. I think Justin’s was good, but as far as his work on the show, it’s a weaker body of work. I think Alexander was stronger on the show than his final collection. I just didn’t care for his print. I just had Justin, Alexander and Alexandria as go cut list over Kate. I think it was shocking needless to say.

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