Project Runway-First, A Look Back

I watch a good deal of reality competition shows. With that, I always love reading blogs and recaps. I have always wanted to do one myself. In starting Fashion Nexus I wanted to add this as a category I could blog about, but nothing was starting at that time frame. However, now Project Runway, on Lifetime, is premiering next Thursday, July 17th with its 12th season. I can’t wait to start blogging about the episodes!! Before it all begins again, I want to take a look back over the 11 seasons  and discuss who would be in my Top 10. (no particular order) Photo Credits to the Designers and their respective websites.

cs4     #1                    Christian Siriano-Season 4 Winner

It was several seasons back, but Siriano has never stopped with bringing some FIERCE Fashion. Coining that term throughout his tenure on the show, he has truly brought it to his work after Project Runway. He designs for A-list celebs, has written books, designs shoes now and generally shows at least 3 collections per year. His work is always daring and fashion forward!

cs1          cs2             cs3     cs5

is3           #2-Irina Shabayeva-Season 6 Winner

Irina was very daring on Project Runway. She really demonstrated great strengths in versatility. She worked a lot with knits and heavier fabrics. Since then she has cultivated a breathtaking bridal collection. She has also been busy designing for celebs such as Carrie Underwood and Selena Gomez.

is1            is2              is5             is6

kenley       #3-Kenley Collins-Season 5 & All-Stars 1

I did an entire piece on Kenley a few weeks back. She is amazingly talented and so creative with her design endeavors. She still designs window pieces for It’Sugar Candy Stores. She is also still custom designing for up and coming artist and actress Ariana Grande. I am also sure she is working hard at another great collection!

ka7                     kd3            kd2       21

ds1         #4-Dmitry Sholokhov-Season 10 Winner

Dmitry is a very recent winner, who designed an immaculate capsule collection for Lord & Taylor. His pieces are all just wearable, but still so fashion forward. I can’t wait to see his next collection, hopefully this fall during fashion week.

ds2              ds3            ds4        ds5

lb1                  #5 Laura Bennett-Season 3

Laura is not still designing as much as other past contestants, but I enjoyed her so much on the show. She was a strong woman designer who really paid attention to the details and knew how to make a woman look good in what she was wearing!

lb2               lb3                lb4                           lb5

lk1        #6-Laura Kathleen-Season 9 & All-Stars 2

I love Laura Kathleen because she is again, a strong woman designer, who knows the woman’s body and how to make her look feminine, chic and sexy! I hope to see more from her in the future. Recently, she has also dabbed in jewelry designs.

lk2                        lk3                         lk4                          lk5

cc1         #7-Christopher Collins-Season #8

Chris brings the glam, he can work with prints and he is all about being fashion forward, but working with silhouettes and styles that are classic and elegant. He is based in San Francisco and has been featured a few times in Lucky Magazine.

cc2                 cc3                 cc4                    cc5

mf1              #8-Melissa Fleis-Season 10

I loved how Melissa grew on Project Runway from working with a bit of a darker aesthetic to taking her strong work in leather and bringing in the boldness and color! Her work with leather, whether a dress or a jacket is always on point!

mf2                mf3                     mf4                  mf5

cd1               #9-Chloe Dao-Season 2 Winner

Chloe has maintained a great career since winning season 2. She works out of Texas and has a boutique there as well. She has developed work in bridal now as well.

cd2                 cd3              cd4              cd5

cp1                 #10-Christopher Palu-Season 10

And last but not least, rounding out my top 10 is Chris Palu. I think season 10 may have also been a fave of mine since I had 3 contestants from that season in my top 10! Chris always brought it each week and just maintained such consistency throughout the competition.

cp2           cp3                  cp4                 cp5

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