Project Runway Designers’ Looks, Going from the Runway to the Treadmill

I had the distinct pleasure this past week to attend the Project Runway finale at NYFW/MBFW. All I can say is the show was amazing, a once in a lifetime experience and I am intrigued to see how it all unfolds! Also, another side note with my fashion blog, I am doing another fun GIVEAWAY. It is for 2 beauty products, a body lotion and eye cream, from the ….. Each box has a retail value of $75. All you have to do to win is like Fashion Nexus on Facebook. But now, back to the designers field day fun for this week!

The designers were alarmingly woken up this week by Tim Gunn and his glorious umpire uniform. The group then went to meet Heidi at an obstacle course. It was clear from the get go that these designers are not fans of sports, or at least they said so for the first 5 minutes of the show! I’m sure they were pleased to discover it was just a little competition they had to participate in, which included a 3-legged race, tire run, wheelbarrow race and flag grab. The designers were placed into teams of two. The winning team was generously awarded with the ability to select their fabrics first for this week’s challenge. Also, they would have an extra hour during this 1-day challenge. The winning team was Justin and Dom. This week’s challenge was to create performance-wear (active or sportswear) that was both fashionable and hip. The looks must work with Heidi’s line for New Balance and the winning look will be sold at select New Balance stores and on as part of Heidi’s line.

pr12-ep8-episode1                                 pr12-ep8-episode13

This week, Heidi and Tim were quick to point out that Helen holds the last week of immunity-it’s no more! In going with this season’s trend, there was of course some workroom drama. Helen asked Tim a question about using Heidi’s samples that were in the workroom, but did so in the hallway. A few designers inquired and she said she wasn’t telling. Ken then experienced a major temper meltdown and was a bit inappropriate with his language and statements to Helen. Helen then goes to tell Tim she feels unsafe. It all ends well, apologies and hugs as Tim mediates. However, Helen did make the situation what it was. She didn’t have to be so sketchy, but Ken didn’t have to engage either. It was clearly a situation that could have been avoided. Other than that, the workroom was the usual, chaos and time crunches, so how did everyone fare on the runway?

pr12-ep8-episode16                                pr12-ep8-episode4

The judges were not in complete agreement about the top and bottom looks and I had a few differences in mine as well. To each their own! I don’t think this week’s bottom 3, nor who went home, was too big of a shocker. I didn’t think Ken’s look was so deserving to be there. Justin’s look was a bit messy in my opinion, but luckily Ken was safe. His look was a bit too basic though so I’m sure in the future he will push the envelope more. Alexandria was a clear bottom look for me and most of the judges. I am not sure why Heidi was a fan of Alexandria’s drop crotch pants. Just because it works one week does not mean you can make it work all the time. I am not certain what exercise could have been done in those pants. However, it was Karen who went home and I could see that coming. She had the most time issues and her look was not well-made. There really wasn’t a fashionable component to the look. I was more so perplexed by this week’s top designers.

Bottom Looks: Karen, Ken & Alexandria                               pr12-ep8-episode22

pr12-ep8-episode25                                                              -project-runway--sea

Helen was this week’s winner. I was shocked as I didn’t even have her in my top 3. I did like the leggings and the pops of color. It wasn’t too neon-y as some of the other uses of that lime green color. I wasn’t a fan of this jacket, but I guess the judges really loved it. I thought Dom’s look was more fitting to the challenge of fashion and function. I was happy, however that both Kate and Alexander were the remaining top 2. I would have been pleased if either had won. Alexander’s use of color blocking and the amazing polish and fit to the piece really provided the much needed fashionable component. I wasn’t sure why Michael Kors was not a fan, but I sure was! Kate’s look was also special. I liked the red pop of color. It was so sporty, yet still with a nod to fashion touches.

Top Looks: Alexander, Kate & Helen                                   -project-runway--sea

pr12-ep8-episode23                                                                     pr12-ep8-episode24

But for now, onto next week where it looks like nobody got the challenge and the designers return to the workroom after the runway show??

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    • Yea, she said Ken was in the bottom so much and he should go; i mean he was in the bottom, but has also been in the top whereas Karen has not been in the top. I saw her at the Project Runway finale and I really wasn’t excited. I basically saw every past alum, well almost, and the ones from this season, i was kind of like, eh??

    • Everything Karen has made has been shapeless. I still wonder how she was selected for the show in the first place, as well as how she lasted so long and had so many middle rather than bottom finishes.

      • I was not really a fan, but I think there is a good group left and from being at the live finale during fashion week I am on pins and needles to see who made the top 3!!

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