Project Runway 12: Introductions & Some Early Predictions


I am so excited that season 12 of Project Runway starts next Thursday, July 18th, at 9 pm. One, because I am a huge Project Runway fan and I am ready for another season! But a major 2nd reason is that I can now blog about it on, Fashion Nexus! It is perfect timing to make this addition. What I will do is of course watch and then discuss the episode-provide a brief recap. I will also discuss my thoughts on top looks and the pieces that end up on the bottom. And of course, I will give my opinion on who went home or perhaps should have gone home! Before the episodes begin, here are my thoughts on a few changes for this season and a few early contenders I see!

(photo credits to Project Runway website on Lifetime’s website)

I have to say I am so glad Project Runway nixed their concept from Season 11 and the “teams” aspect. I was not a fan! I think had the competition ensued as usual, the final 3 would have been different and perhaps even the winner. Although, I will say I was rooting for Michelle Franklin of the final 3 and I am glad she won of that group. Another great change is MORE TIM GUNN!! Even I needed more Tim Gunn in my life so I have a bobblehead & t-shirt now!!

tg                                                                                       100_4745

Tim Gunn will be joining the judges panel for the runway critiques this season! A major change/additions is that Gunn can apparently rescue 1 designer during the course of the show, that he feels deserves a 2nd chance! This is big! He knows how the designers work, where there inspirations and thought processes come from and really how the final garment ended up in that final form. I am looking forward to seeing more on his thoughts/critiques and of course The Save. Other competitive reality shows have it, so why not Project Runway!

One aspect, akin to a save i guess, is that of this Redemption being given to one previous designer. America has apparently been voting between 3 previous designers, Valerie Mayen (season 8), Kate Pankoke (season 11) and Ra’Mon-Lawrence Coleman (season 6). The highest vote getter will return to compete this season. I am not a fan of this aspect. I don’t care for mixing past and new competitors for any show. I much prefer doing an All-Star show. Clearly, Project Runway has no problem doing this as they have already had 2 and are planning for a 3rd, which sounds quite odd since they have only had 11 seasons? It almost appears anyone could be an All-Star, so why not 1 of these 3? It also seems a bit unfair as these 3 will have that edge on what to expect, but the judges might be harsher as well so I guess its a balance. I guess I am a fan of new talent so we shall see how this aspect goes!

Not much else has changed. There is a bit more of an interactive aspect between fans and contestants. The prizes are all still great and a few changes here and there. But most importantly, lets get to the new slate of 15 designers and I will pick who I feel could perhaps make top 3! You can look at all of the designers and learn more about them, see their portfolios and watch videos here!

Predictions are hard to make early on because you are only seeing where these individuals are at now. I see in this group, that there are some clear visions and clear voices. If these people can find versatility within that vision & voice, success will be within their grasp. There are also some individuals who seek to be a bit more unique with their creations. Again, if they can work within that unique quality and adapt it to this show, success can be likely. I really like to root for strong women designers and its not to say a woman will not make it to the finale and win, but my early prediction of top 3, are all males! So my advice to these women, is step it up and keep the focus on the end prize!

sm2                                                                                              sm3

Sandro Masmanidi: How could you not pick this guy is my question! He is sporting a pretty fierce pair of newspaper pants in his promo picture. This to me says, unconventional challenges, BEWARE, because Sandro will likely have a handle on you! If he did make the pants, it also says he can likely do both women and menswear. I see with Sandro, versatility, the ability to work with structure, he can work with prints and he seems to have a good amount of prior work. These are all great qualities and that is why I am saying it early on, potential top 3 here!

kl1                                                                               kl2

Ken LaurenceI also see with Ken, many of the same great qualities I listed for Sandro, all of which are great for a Project Runway designer to have-versatility, structured designs, working with prints, etc. I also see with Ken some great trends he has incorporated in a vast body of work-prints, peplum, etc. This is great for the show in making the work current so I look forward to what else Ken can bring to the design table!

bm1                                                                                 bm2

Bradon McDonald: Bradon brings a bit of a softer side to his designs versus the more hardcore type design seen with some of the other designers. I think, with Bradon’s designs, more women could wear his clothing, or I guess more types of women. He also delivers some  of the great elements or qualities as listed above-versatility and design experience. I like that with his designs there is a great use of color and prints. There is also great flare and glam that he brings to the table so I’m interested to see how he does on the show.

These are my thoughts as of now, but you never know with competitions such as Project Runway, My predictions are likely to change and I do hope a woman can breakthrough and be in the final 3 as well! There is also room for unique spirits and voices so an underdog could also take a final 3 spot. Can’t wait for this season to begin!

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