PRAS3 Judges are Drinking the Elena Kool-Aid, & Bug Juice??

Two weeks in to PRAS and I have to wonder, are we in for the season of Elena?? Last week, it was all about her not winning a challenge, and then she won. This week, it was lost sketches and workroom tears, but she still had a t op 3 garment. I’m not head over heels yet. I’m not sure if she can keep this up to week because this is just a really talented bunch! And with the challenge this week they all took delight in serving the judges bug, oh wait no, insect juice delight!


So this week the judges met Alyssa at the American Museum of Natural History to receive their challenge. Each designer was to create an avant garde loook inspired by an insect or arachnid. Alyssa further challenged the designers to make sure their looks were experimental and innovative. Since Elena won last week she got to select her inspiration first. Then the designers set off racing to quickly choose what they wanted.

pras03-ep2-episode4                                                   pras03-ep2-episode13

After some sketch time with the living inspirations, the designers were off to Mood with a budget of $250. This is where we saw Elena bugging out (no pun intended!) because she lost her sketch. It was then back to the workroom to quickly create this masterpiece look in a whopping 10 hours! I’m sure the designers were just as excited! Not!

Christopher was quick to point out the extreme lack of time and he was right. We saw lots of hustle and bustle from the designers this week, many freakouts, and even some shed tears, i.e. Elena (duh!) and Melissa. Zanna to the rescue!

Well that could be up to interpretation! Zanna certainly laid down the law – don’t be too literal; the look needs to be avant garde; where is the wow!; what makes this standout? With advice in hand many felt even more pressure and some started over!

Tears, changes, and speedy hands aside, it was now time for the runway. The judges welcomed PR alum and winner of season 9, Anya Ayoung-Chee and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer to the panel. I was impressed, especially in light of the fact the designers had 10 hours to make these pieces. I had a hard time picking out a top and bottom so I will critique the judges’ decisions.


Alyssa delved out some wonky order of results this go round! I guess we all need to be thrown off guard every once in awhile. But we finally learned who comprised the top and bottom.

Safe Look Faves

-project-runway-al7l-                 -project-runway-al4l-           -project-runway-a5ll-

left to right-Korto’s Tiger Centipede-inspired look; Christopher’s Elater Beetle-inspired look; Seth Aaron

Again, I thought many designers could have been in the top. For the most part I was in agreement, but I didn’t get Elena’s lubber grasshopper look as a standout. I felt it was a bit too literal, but other than that I was pleased. I felt Irina’s black structured and futuristic dress, inspired by the bumblebee millipede, was a shoe-in for the win. But oh well, I’m glad she was on top. I felt the judges went more with wearable avant garde versus some of the more daring safe looks, but I’m glad Mychael was in the top and the winner. He kept his hornworm-inspired look so chic, sexy and I guess Mychael-style. But the detailed sleeves gave it that avant garde pop. The bottom was not surprising at all

-project-runway-al6l-                -project-runway-a9ll-         -project-runway-al8l-

Melissa was probably feeling so lucky as she was in the bottom last week. Her Sri Lankan-inspired LBD wasn’t horrible, kind of like last week’s look. But again, it didn’t really fit the challenge. She’s got to work on time management and focus. Jeffrey just went Gaga crazy with his hairy scorpion-inspired look. I think this might have been a bit too crazy, but really, I think Gaga would wear his look. And then there is Daniel, poor, sweet Daniel. I didn’t care for his vinegaroon-inspired look at all. So sad to see him go, but I didn’t see avant garde at all and it kind of looked cheap to me. Better luck in the future!

-project-runway-all1-              -project-runway-all3-           -project-runway-all2-

Great episode! I can’t wait to see more. Thanks for checking out Fashion Nexus and to stay updated Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter! If you like on Facebook, you are automatically entered into my current GIVEAWAY below. It’s a must for PR fans, haha! Also, I have a lot of PR posts forthcoming – information about Kenley Collin’s recent Marilyn Monroe line; what are Gordana Gelhausen & Dmitry Sholokhov up to; what is next for Kate Pankoke for Elaya Vaughn. So stay tuned and keep in touch!


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