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This week — the RTW, traditional design for the sponsor of our show challenge! More specifically, the designers were asked to create RTW looks that could be reproduced and sold online for JustFab. Tim was joined by Just Fab Fashion Director Yuchin Mao to provide the challenge details. JustFab has various style personas for their customers — Girl Next Door; Bombshell; Trendsetter; Modern Classic; Femme Nouveau. Each designer would be given a persona to design for in order to create a high fashion look that could be sold at an affordable price. In fact, the winning look would be reproduced and sold online!


Last week’s winner, Candice, received the honor then of not only selecting her persona of choice, but the persona for each of the other designers. All were mostly happy!

  • Candice — Trendsetter
  • Ashley — Girl Next Door
  • Swapnil — Bombshell
  • Kelly — Trendsetter
  • Laurie — Modern Classic
  • Merline — Femme Nouveau
  • Edmond — Bombshell


Everyone was then off to Mood for this 1-day challenge with a budget of only a $100. Ashley had to make some cuts at the register as she was over. And to top it off, she bought the wrong kind of zipper. But during Tim-time, others were a focus, as well as a little surprise!


Tim and Swapnil were not seeing eye to eye. Laurie was asked if she was really putting something new down the runway. And Edmond was being labeled as “basic.” Tim’s little surprise was another small component of the challenge. Each designer would have to create a label to print and wear on a t-shirt for the runway show. They would use the Brother printer to assist with the label-making process.

  • Swapnil — Swapnil Shinde
  • Laurie — Wanda Grace
  • Merline — Provoke Style
  • Kelly — Rack Addick
  • Candice — Ccuoco
  • Edmond — Edmond Newton


Model fittings actually presented a lot of major fit issues, leaving some designers unsure and others to start all over again. The “morning of” was just as crazy as the end of the night. Laurie had so much to do in starting over. Swapnil too had a wrong zipper and so he sewed his model into the dress. Merline even had her model assisting. This week’s guest judges were singer Ciara & Yuchin of JustFab.

Shout-outs — Sally Beauty, such gorgeous, flowing locks; Natural, clean Mary Kay look; perfect JustFab accessories, black clutch & killer heels!

pr14-ep9-enHeidi announced this would be the last immunity given out for the season. Somehow, amidst all of the craziness with judging, Edmond was declared the winner. I’m not sure what really happened here, with the designers, with the judges. But this was pure craziness and chaos. The fact of the matter here is no designer had a great look. Edmond winning was really like the best of the worst. This is not to say Edmond’s dress was bad. I agreed with Heidi in that it’s a great red dress, super sexy, and I’m sure people would buy it. But I also agreed with Nina & Zac. This was just a basic, red dress. There was nothing special to it. I didn’t see Edmond in it. And if I saw it hanging on a Macy’s rack, it would blend in. We’ve seen this before.


Shout-outs — Such a cute hairdo from Sally Beauty and love the beauty look, Mary Kay

If there was a top 3, I guess Ashley would be there. I mean really I think JustFab would have just sold this jacket and called it a day, but the look here in its entirety was just ok. And really Ashley didn’t do much to hype up her look. The back of the crop top was very cute, but we only saw it during the judges up close critiques. The jacket was great, but with a basic crop top & flare skirt, where a so-so print is doing all of the work, how can you get all that excited.


I wouldn’t know who to put as the final member of the top 3. The judges were really all over the place. I guess the safe crowd was Kelly & Candice. I would likely wear Candice’s look over Kellys’ so I will discuss her next. Candice had a few finishing touch issues, which is unlike her. But I think she got bogged down in RTW. I don’t think this is her design forte and so she showed some struggles. She really needed to edit here.


Moving on to Kelly, her look was not bad, but it just wouldn’t be for everyone. This was like Kelly to the max and I don’t think it would fit the JustFab clientele, or at least the masses. This would be for a very specific customer and I think that was a major issue here. And really the pale blue furry vest was not a fave of mine. Nina was for sure not a fan!


But compared to the bottom 3, Kelly’s look was top notch! I’m not sure what Swapnil was thinking here. Firstly, mass production, online, JustFab — that is not this dress. And I’m not sure what the deal was with the outer portion. Did he not get that Edmond’s odd outer vest the week before had not gone over well??


Merline has had some ideas all season, but her construction has been very questionable all season as well. But here, even some okay ideas really weren’t that great. Even if this look was fully executed, I wasn’t seeing a winner. I’d rather Laurie have not been eliminated. For me, Merline has had far too many passes on poorly crafted looks.


Shout-out — Love the accessories, sexy heels & black clutch, JustFab & this chic updo is spot on, Sally Beauty

The week before, Laurie’s look at least had some direction, whereas Lindsey, who was eliminated, went too basic. That was Laurie’s downfall this week. Merline appeared to have had some promise with her look, some ideas, whereas Laurie’s look was far too basic — a halter and pencil skirt — not very imaginative. The top was also sheer, showing some side-boob, which was also an issue for her the week before. With that, Laurie was out.



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