NYFW — The Stunners!

Amazing set of stunning designers who presented stunning collections, whether it be thru elegant evening wear or imaginative RTW.


Libertine RTW Spring 2016  Libertine RTW Spring 2016

Johnson Hartig is one of those designers who can find inspiration in anything, adapting disparate themes to his signature psychedelic aesthetic. His DIY approach to high-end streetwear design reimagines vintage fabrics into eccentric production-ready pieces. His Libertine collections could easily veer into the tacky, but the explosion of color, pattern-play and embellishments changes that up!

Libertine RTW Spring 2016   Libertine RTW Spring 2016 

For women, there was plenty of kitsch — neon chains, beaded fringe, bedazzled teeth, patchwork utensils with dangling spaghetti fringe, etc.— the list goes on. His collection of daytime separates screamed youthful, with bright colors and tailored mix-and-match separates. I’m always excited to see the Libertine show — it’s  a vibrantly rich collection, jam-packed into a high energy show.

Libertine RTW Spring 2016    Libertine RTW Spring 2016

Men’s looks included a disco-ball tracksuit, animal-print sweatpants and amoeba-patterned sweatshirts. With inspiration ranging from Staffordshire dogs to molecular cell research interpreted in fluorescent colors, the men’s lineup was fun and eccentric!

Libertine RTW Spring 2016    Libertine RTW Spring 2016

Stella Nolasco

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-033    Stella-Nolasco-SS16-032

Stella Nolasco’s S/S 2016 collection, “POMAROSA”, is inspired by the decadent beauty of the poetry of Jose de Diego, a turn of the century Puerto Rican poet, born in Stella’s hometown. Layers of tulle, lace, and sheer fabrics add movement and give life to gowns that flow with the grace of poetry, floating transparently over the runway. Seeing each breathtaking piece come down the runway I was constantly in awe, thinking ok, this look is stunning, the best of the best, can it get any better?!? And with this collection, Stella was able to prove me wrong. Every look that continued to come down the runway had it’s own individual magic, keeping me awestruck from start to finish!

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-024   Stella-Nolasco-SS16-023

The richly embroidered dresses, in colors varying from black to blush, yellow, plum rose (Pomarosa, in various tones), evoke the gentility of a bygone era with a daring, modern turn exemplified by plunging necklines. A sheer, almost lingerie-like quality of the dresses maintains an air of romanticism and whimsicality. Stella Nolasco’s charm and metropolitan sensibility render her designs modern, stylish and edgy. Consequently, she has earned a reputation as Puerto Rico’s most avant-garde designer. Her designs exude elements of both vintage nostalgia, and sophisticated modernity.

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-022   Stella-Nolasco-SS16-011

Stella is a household name in Puerto Rico, where her work receives near constant media coverage. Stella’s line has been featured at luxury department store, Neiman Marcus, amongst other prestigious retailers. 

Stella attended the Atmosphere show at Paris fashion week and subsequently was picked up by famous European department store, Gerard Darel, along with international boutiques around the world including Sauce (Dubai), Style (Kuwait), Les Princesses (Paris), Studio Facts (Japan), Lorenzina (Spain), amongst others.

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-007   Stella-Nolasco-SS16-006

Stella’s designs have been worn celebrities including Beyonce Knowles (on the cover of Seventeen Magazine), Actress Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes) and Actress Cote de Pablo (NCIS), to name a few. 

After her successful presentation at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in September of 2014, Nolasco has enjoyed various new opportunities, including the experience of dressing the actress Juliette Lewis, who attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and was selected among the best dressed of the night by several fashion critics. Recently, Stella collaborated with the Hollywood actor and fashion designer, John Malkovich, for his clothing line “Technobohemian” at their fashion show in Puerto Rico.

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-001  Stella-Nolasco-SS16-028

Show Credits

Photography — firstVIEW

Styling — Shandi Alexander

Casting — Cast Inc/Julia Samersova

Makeup — Fatima Thomas for MAC

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-026   Stella-Nolasco-SS16-021

Hair — Laurent Dufourg & Jorge Luis for Prive

Nails — Pattie Yankee

Shoes — Christian Louboutin

Music — Eiko Hara

PR — Emily Bungert/EB Consults

Stella-Nolasco-SS16-008   Stella-Nolasco-SS16-014

Michael Costello

_DSC2740-Edit  _DSC3056-Edit

Inspired by feminine decadence, Costello is merging his bold shapes with a softer and sweeter color palate. “This collection has more movement, leaving more to the imagination,” according to Costello. “It evokes the sexiness of a tight dress with the draping of an elegant gown.” For me, these looks perfectly encapsulated classic glam with a edgy, sexy vibe — not going too far, but pushing the boundaries just enough!
Gaining recognition as both a brand and designer, Costello chose this collection to unveil brighter gem tones, using the body as contrast. “These dresses make women feel desired and unforgettable,” according to Costello. There was a lot of great color in this collection, everything from bold tones in bright yellow to forest green, subtle hues in nude and soft pink, and beautiful floral prints.
Michael Costello is a fashion designer based out of Los Angeles, CA, building his brand around elegant and sexy silhouettes. After becoming a finalist on Project Runway, Costello has gone on to design memorable creations for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and is known for designing Beyoncé’s iconic 2014 Grammy gown, which is on display at the Grammy Museum. Michael’s designs have also been featured in countless editorials for International fashion publications including Vogue Italia, Elle and Marie Claire.

Photo credit — Bennet Cobliner Photography

_DSC2930-Edit   _DSC2992-Edit

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