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Ricardo Seco’s collection focused on contemporary Mexico, highlighting the country’s bold and unique culture. For his 9th collection, he featured 22 pieces at the presentation. I felt the inspiration with this collection, but I also felt joy and just a refreshing spirit. There were some staples in black, which is always great, but the pops of color were also great to see!


Ricardo stated, “We live in a timeless world filled with color. We know who we are, we are our past, and we are our present. We create our future based on traditions  and heritage, which makes our time here beautiful. Now is the time to enjoy sarape and other street styles of the world.”


Venue Sponsor — Dockers; Front of House — Paula Rosado PR; Hair — John Ruidant for Axe; Skincare — Shahzada at See Management; Lighting Designer — Jan Kroeze; Set Production — Kadan



Photography by Shanise Gibson


Kenneth Ning pulled from a varied set of influences for spring. Moroccan spices informed the bright palette, sand storm references came through in cotton face masks, and floral tapestries were used to disrupt pinstripe suits.


The prints in this collection really caught my attention; they were visionary and unique. I thought the designs were really fashion forward.




FEIT’s first ever film commission contrasts the iconic mass production imagery of the 1982 cult film Koyaanisqutsi (Life out of Balance), with the unique artistry that defines FEIT’s commitment to handmade. The number of shoes created globally is very much on the rise. With footwear being such a booming industry, FEIT believes that creating high-quality, handmade shoes from natural materials will reduce production of harmful pollutants and our dependence on petroleum and landfills.


The installation was and will continue to be at The New Museum.


Director — Jack Riccobono; Composer/Producer — Nicholas Britell; Producer — Benjamin Millepied; Editor — Jiye Kim; Stock Footage — Macgillivray Freeman Films; Installation Technical Director — Michael Brown Designs; Installation & Lighting Design — Jordana Maisie; Installation Fabrication — Arc Fabrication; Installation Video Tech — Aion Entertainment; Live Artist — Rock



Photography by Shanise Gibson

DSC_9400   DSC_9416

Following his debut private client presentation last summer, Dexter Cheston showed his
DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER FW16 men’s collection for the first time during NYFWM. The F/W 16 collection is defined by the theme of “simply integrity” and “being able to see past the
immediate,” says Cheston.

DSC_9451   DSC_9459

Cheston was inspired by the Coco Chanel quote “a trendy dress is easy, yet a black dress is difficult.” It is clear to see how this idea shows up in Cheston’s work, which is full of modern takes on classics. Cheston built upon his classic cuts from last season, reinvented for inspired eye wear, and outerwear. He continues to showcase quality craftsmanship with the line, which he proudly states, “is all handcrafted in New York.”

DSC_9478   DSC_9407

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