All About Kenley Collins: Bold, Unique Designs & Candy Galore

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(photo credits to Kenley Collins)

Kenley Collins is an immensely talented designer. She stays true to her own aesthetic with whatever type of design work she is creating at a given time, whether it be designing a collection or other types of creations. Even though she has always had a love for fashion, the year 2008 was a big break for Kenley as she appeared on season 5 of Project Runway. Although she did not win, she was able to make it to Bryant Park and show her collection. Since then her bold and retro style in fashion can’t be denied. She has been working hard ever since to really make her stamp in the fashion world. Kenley also appeared on the first season of Project Runway All-Stars, as she continued to showcase her fun, feminine and flirtatious frocks. Click here to learn more about Kenley and shop some of her amazing designs. Outside of the traditional work of many designers, Kenley has created her own path where she also does candy creations!

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Kenley’s creativity is not just limited to the standard business of making clothes in a traditional fashion. She has really scored an amazing deal with a major candy emporium It’Sugar. They have locations all across the U.S. and if you happen to walk by one, it will be Kenley’s amazing creations you can see in the window. She has done it all from a Sweet Tart flower dress embellishment to a Gummy Bear crop top to men’s Gummy Bull Frog shorts to Rock Candy skirts.This is not something I’ve seen coming from a fashion designer and I think its a great way to show talent, be unique and still have some fun! All over this post are the various candy creations, but I definitely urge everyone to check out It’Sugar and these yummy creations in person!

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Kenley has also managed to steadily work for up and coming recording artist and Nickelodeon TV star, Ariana Grande. The two are a match made in heaven. Ariana has made her decisions on the type of style she feels best represents herself, whether she is walking the red carpet or performing on stage. She has relayed this information to Kenley, who has clearly picked it up and created some very youthful pieces for Ariana.

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While keeping busy with custom design and candy creations, Kenley still makes time to design collections. I recently attended the official launch for her Pink Ladies/Grease line. In the past she has also created a line inspired by the epic and timeless film “Clueless”. Both lines really demonstrate how unique and fun Kenley’s work is. Both collections are all about versatility as you can interchange pieces. You can wear the pieces anywhere from a fun day out shopping to a night out on the town.

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I am anxious to stay tuned and see what Kenley has in store next. She is very much always in tune with trends, but they do not guide her designs. Its very much the other way around so you can still purchase pieces that are very much relevant. The fashion world is lucky to have Kenley and I know she will be around for many years to come!

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