JUNGWON — Breathable Outerwear

20150509_150650It was such an immense pleasure that the dynamic outerwear brand, JUNGWON, invited me recently to their new boutique. Located in the heart of Tribeca, the breathable outerwear brand is further expanding as now you can not only shop online, but in their new, fun-filled shop. The brand is all about designing contemporary, yet timeless jackets that offer a chic twist on classic outerwear.


JUNGWON has always been about high performance, and again, breathable outerwear. The jackets and coats are meant entirely to be practical and functional, but also fashionable. All in all, they are very high quality. They are also waterproof, windproof and wrinkle-free.


What I enjoy a great deal about this brand is that it offers lots of options for customers. You have more neutral, everyday color options say in a black or nude, but then you too can spice it up a bit with more vibrant colors such as bright blue, tomato red, and sunshine yellow. There are options also with that of raincoats, trenches, or capes, and this is for both men and women!! Check out the sales page!!


With a continued focus on sustainability and fair trade practice, JUNGWON integrates recyclable materials and is locally made in New York City collections. You can check out the brand’s previous and current collections by clicking here.


JUNGWON is a compliment to any fashion commuter, stylish parent, or coat lovers’ wardrobe. Check out the sales page!


Make sure to check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing their latest updates and pieces just as much as me!


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