Ferry Fashion

I’m sure when people think about where to find the best fashion in NYC, they probably go right to thinking about Manhattan. This post is to remind the public that fashion exists in all boroughs of NYC, and no, not just in Brooklyn or Queens. So where am I talking about specifically? Why yes, Staten Island. Day in and day out, so many ride aboard the Staten Island Ferry, including myself. There have been countless times while walking around NYC that I see a great outfit or cute pair of shoes and wonder about said items. However, there have been just as many times I’ve said the same thing while riding the ferry into Manhattan.

I have put together a group of great finds that I saw while riding the ferry over the past few weeks. These are all people who are from Staten Island and who are making their way, or commuting into Manhattan. I wanted to make sure and capture those from Staten Island as many who do ride the ferry who are tourists. It was nice to see that when I did spot an outfit and decide to ask an individual about it, that they were indeed from Staten Island.

100_4717  Jillian and cousin

Jillian, on the left, is from Staten island, but her cousin who was visiting from out of state looked great as well so I did take the photo of both. Jillian is wearing a very pretty emerald green dress from Victoria’s Secret with a perfect paired spring sandal. Her cousin is wearing a beautiful sky blue dress with very intriguing side geometric cut-outs. She is also wearing a great pair of tan sandals from DSW. These 2 lovely young ladies I am sure had a great day in the city and were perfectly dressed to enjoy spring weather in NYC.

100_4681 Aliyah Gray, 25, pursuing a career as a Nurse.

Aliyah of course in pursuing a career as a nurse will be in scrubs most of the time, but when not working she is clearly all about looking youthful and fashionable. She was actually the 1st person I interviewed for this segment and I had to do it once I saw this classic royal blue dress from H&M. This is the perfect type of dress to have in one’s wardrobe. You can wear it year-round or dress it up/dress it down. Aliyah has chosen to wear it on this warm spring day with a tan pair of sandals by Marc Jacobs. To top off the entire look is her brown/tan Michael Kors tote.

100_4694 Teuta Bakalli

I was so glad I spoke to Teuta on this particular day. She was actually on her way to her 1st day at a new job. I have to say she definitely looked great for the part and I hope her bosses thought so as well! This nude/stone colored dress was just a great find for spring in NYC. It was also great that she had the thin tan belt to go with it. It was a bit cold on this day so the great little black sweater was perfect to go alongside with the dress and then her simple pair of black flats and matching black tote.

100_4722                                                 100_4723

I had to ask the mom of these 2 adorable young ladies to take part of this piece as well. These miniature fashionistas, at such a young age, already have so much style. Both were wearing blazers, which you do not see often on children under 10 years of age. Black and blue blazers looked great as they paired with their jeans or leggings. The jewelry was also eye-catching. Some pieces were from Aldo and Jennifer’s on 42nd St. in Manhattan.


And finally, yes there is even prom-goers that ride the ferry! In my small town of NC, where I am from, you could often find prom-goers while walking around Wal-mart. Now I can say, “well in Staten Island, you just see them on the ferry.”

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