Event Highlight from the City that Never Sleeps-#1

There was a lot going in, event-wise, in NYC this week, as there generally is. There are a lot of sample sales, store closings and even new store openings such as with Baulebar at 131 Greene Street. The event I chose to attend and write about this week was at CB2 located at 451 Broadway. In conjunction with USA Network’s Characters Unite Program and the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) an event was being put on to address the social injustices and cultural divides still prevalent in our society. The groups involved want to spread awareness and do so with various events around the hashtag #IWontStandFor.

The event started at 5 and went until about 7:30. I was only able to stay for just a short bit, but it was already fairly crowded. I imagine it stayed that way. It was a great event for people to network and of course for the groups involved to spread their powerful message. There was a lot to take part in such as creating your own T-shirt with your slogan of I Won’t Stand For ______ or taking a picture for your chosen slogan as well. The T-shirts were provided generously by American Apparel as all of the promotional materials were available free of charge.

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Miniature postcards were being handed out to show what chosen word one would want to fill in their blank for the slogan “I Won’t Stand for _____. Terms included were intolerance, discrimination, homophobia, prejudice, bullying, injustice and more. All in all, this was just one of the many great events in NYC, but with such a powerful message I had to attend and post about on my blog. I encourage everyone to learn more about the Characters Unite Organization.

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