Desigual Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: Now That’s a Showstopper!

Since I’ve moved to NYC, I have probably attended about 25 runway presentations. Desigual, from here on out, will certainly be one of the most memorable. It’s unimaginable that anybody that was in the tent was not smiling, bobbing their head, or heck, even dancing because even the models were dancing down the runway! Most of the time, models give attitude, walk fierce, or as some simply say, just look mad, as they strut down the runway. On occasion, the designer might instruct the models to have a bit of fun or put a little spirit into the walk, perhaps someone like Anna Sui or Betsey Johnson. What you may get with this are models who smile or who might put a little bounce in their step. But I say, if your garments are full of life and spirit, just tell the models to go with the flow and really embody the spirit of the garments as you walk down the runway. This is exactly what Desigual did. The garments already had the magical spark and eye-catching elements so it really just came down to the show and Desigual certainly put on a show!

imagesAs excited as I was about the show, the collection was certainly just as fabulous. The collection was so lively with the selection of colors and prints of florals, tie-dye and stripes. A lot of collections focus on certain garments to make their show, but almost forget about the aspect of being wearable or commercial. Desigual found a way to create showstopping pieces by making them fabulous, chic, glamorous, but most importantly wearable. Pretty much every look I could picture myself in it, but also picture where I could actually wear it. Generally, I am not a fan of a floral print for spring, as it’s so literal. However, when a designer can somehow step out of the box and make it their own, then I can be on board. This is exactly what Desigual has done. I like how the floral print was sometimes in black and white, or designed in an abstract and modern, almost digital-printed format. The trend I enjoyed the most was finding ways to make a classic trend, such as a floral print or other prints, more modern and chic. Bold colors and modern prints to coincide with classic silhouettes truly made this collection a standout.

h-623_w-363            h-623_w-367         h-623_w-364

The inspiration behind this collection is centered around the motto, La Vida es Chula or Life is Cool. I certainly thought that as I saw these looks come down the runway. Even if the models didn’t look as if they were having the best time ever, I still would have thought the looks were cool and so was the woman wearing it. The various colors and prints, such as florals, were set to capture that essence of the good life. Another part of the inspirational back story was the Mediterranean. The prints and colors were also in play to transport one’s spirit to the warm waters and lush terrain of the cities and islands of the Mediterranean.

Here are some of my favorite looks, but click here to see the rest!

h-623_w-360     Black & white floral printed dress

h-623_w-361  Multi-colored floral print romper with mint green belt

h-623_w-362  Black and white accordion-striped dress with balconette neck line; This model is Tali Lennox, daughter of Annie Lennox

h-623_w-365   Loose abstract printed dress with matching tote

h-623_w-366   Mao duffle coat with colored buttons and galactic circles; this model is Amber Le Bon, daughter of Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran

h-623_w-368   Black and white sketched dress with red galactic print and oversized white clutch

h-623_w-369   Barcelona city sketch print raincoat with colorful striped tote bag

h-623_w-370   Black and white tank top with sketched miniskirt and black shopping tote bag

Special Credits

  • Nails-Keri Blair with MAC
  • Makeup-Gregory Arlt and the MAC pro team
  • Hair-Danilo for Pantene
  • Hair tools by The Science of Fabulous

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    • Wow! I did not know that. I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to add those fun little facts to my piece. Sometimes over the past few days I recognized models from ANTM, but thats about it lol!

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