Designers Take it to the Streets

So this week was all about streetwear. And not just streetwear, but creating high fashion, gender neutral streetwear. I was interested to see what the designers would come up with regards to this challenge.

As an added bonus, the designers would be flying blind as to who their model was. The challenge budget was $200 from Mood, 1 day to create. We never see much on the shopping, but Sean was pushing the limits on his allotted time. Anthony Ryan chose some very expensive fabric, wondering if he had enough. This was even more of an issue when learning he had a 6’4″ model.

In getting back to the workroom, we saw Michelle expressing a little sadness that her and Dmitry seemed not as close. And while that was not shade, there was still plenty of that going around. Sean was both on Biddell and Dmitry. Specifically with Dmitry, he noted Dmitry had not been in the bottom, and maybe it was his time. Michelle of course had comments on Irina, clearly a mutual dislike there. I thought it was funny Michelle was commenting on the gender aspect, but then quickly just quipped Irina’s look was ugly.

Shade turned to critiques as it was time for Anne’s check-ins. Ultimately, she felt when the designers met their models, it would give them inspiration to really amp up their looks even more. Christina was one who decided not to heed Anne’s advice. She felt she needed to show more of herself in this piece. Model fittings were soon thereafter, where Anthony Ryan discovered he had a twin in his model, except his model was much taller!

Biddell questioned Sean being done early last week, but he was back on his normal track of being finished up early, along with Irina. Even into the next day, Irina didn’t have much to do, so she decided to make herself a dress. She had leftover fabric, and put it to use rather than waste. Drama quickly arose because Irina decided to work on this side project on Christina’s machine. This left Christina working on Michelle’s machine, both of whom were still working on their actual challenge looks. I understand frustration the morning of. I also don’t know how much time surpassed. I think everyone here could have handled the situation better. And I never understand this issue over machines because there are plenty provided in the Brother sewing room. The time you are wasting standing around waiting, you could start on another machine.

Drama aside, I was ready for the runway! This week’s guest judge was actress Asia Kate Dillon. My excitement faded as this week left me confused! I know things are going to be difficult from here on out. But Sean leaving now, it still doesn’t sit right. On the other hand, he has been in the bottom quite a bit, so one could argue he has not been doing his best work this season. I absolutely don’t think he had the worst look this week. This cliche and expected nonsense the judges gave was nonsensical. Sean will be missed!

The worst look for me was Biddell. How this wasn’t in the bottom was yet another confusing judges’ decision. His fringe vest was like a cheap Native American costume. And the gold sheer top he made, it was more gay guy going clubbing than anything remotely gender neutral. What was probably the worst was his critique of everyone else misunderstanding gender neutrality, when he was probably one of the worst culprits.

Irina and Dmitry comprised the remainder of the bottom 2. I think Irina should have been safe, or in the top. She clearly created streetwear to a tee. And then I think she took risk in not creating something super bulky, but rather still body conscious.

I was so surprised hearing Dmitry had never been in the bottom, not just this season, but both of his prior seasons. I will agree with this look, this was his time. But it was hard seeing him then in the bottom 2. The look was too futuristic. The criss-cross on the bodice was confusing, as the judges noted too. Dmitry has shown so much strength in this season, so it was hard seeing the bottom 2 between such amazing designers.

While I didn’t agree with the top 3, I was fine with Christina’s win. This look was one of the few which met the challenge requirements on both streetwear, but also gender neutrality.

Michelle was my safe look. I liked the details here. There was a lot to take in. However I wasn’t a huge fan of the dye work. Ultimately I am not sure if everything came together in a resolved fashion. But I appreciated her risk and hard work here.

Anthony was also in the top. I would have put him in my bottom group, but not a candidate for elimination. I appreciated Sean had a fan in Alyssa. But her commentary for Anthony was way off. While I didn’t care for his look, I didn’t get the constant need to compare it to the other coat he made for the avant garde challenge. They were not the same coats! Irina makes a lot of outerwear. Sean uses a lot of fringe. A designer should certainly be free to make 2 coats in one season!

This week was tough, but it sucks knowing next week will be even tougher!

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