David Hart & the Wild, Wild West

DAVID HARTAnd no, this is not about the Will Smith song or movie! It is just about the bold designer’s take for A/W 2015, inspired by the American Southwest and Spaghetti Western films of the late 60s. David Hart presented his era-themed presentation for NYMD, held at Industria Superstudio and presented by Cadillac.


Double breasted suit in desert tan English lambswool & Chambray shirt with silk foulard bandana

Hart states he was inspired by “Hollywood’s glorification of the American West during the 19th century, and how it was adapted for the screen during that era. The inspiration here reads loud & clear. The nod to the historical era is present, but it has been translated in a modern fashion.


Black western English silk tuxedo jacket in black with wooly pants in black Tibetan lamb and turtleneck in merino wool

This collection is a polished vision of the Western era with some real nods to real western workwear, authentic 19th century prints, and stylized Western prints from the 1960s. The colors are very vibrant for the F/W seasons, very refreshing to see — cayenne reds, rich browns, crisp oranges, all paired with some more traditional seasonal hues, navy & burgundy.


Zip front Cowichan sweater with Donegal tweed trousers, floral print cotton dress shirt, & silk cowboy print bandana

This is fun fashion to me, for menswear. It has a clear theme, but it doesn’t cross the costume-y line. And I love seeing how David Hart has worked his inspiration into his signature aesthetic, mainly working with his bold, dynamic suits.


Fine gauge button front merino polo shirt in cayenne red, trousers in brown English wool flannel, cotton Oxford dress shirt, and silk cowboy print bandana

Show credits —

  • Casting, Styling, & Production — Jahn Hall
  • Lighting — Avon
  • Hair — Oribe, lead by Kien Hoang
  • Music — Xavier Ames


Embroidered featherwale corduroy jacket in cayenne red, navy English mohair trousers, cream cotton Oxford shirt, & silk cowboy print bandana


Fine gauge button front merino polo shirt in navy, silk cowboy print shirt, & silk Foulard bandana

  • Models & Agencies — Re-Quest Model Management, Red, Adam Models, Hello, Fusion, Q Models, 1.One, & Wilhelmina


Suit in turquoise English lambswool with cotton floral print dress shirt and silk cowboy print bandana


Suit in blue/cayenne iridescent English mohair with a Chambray western shirt and silk Foulard bandana


Suit in desert fuchsia English lambswool with silk paisley print dress shirt and silk bandana

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