Costello Tagliapietra — Plaids & Suspenders



Red plum folded front dress with cartridge pleated skirt


Fawn suspender dress with red plaid funnel neck

For Fall 2015, Costello Tagliapetra presented RTW fashion during their runway show at Lincoln Center, Pavilion. A great deal was all about some plaids and/or suspenders. And hey, I’m convinced; I’m a believer! Everything was very stylized and clearly driven towards the brand’s signature aesthetic. So it was nice seeing a bit of re-interpretation and transition for this Fall 2015 season.


Bark jacket & gaucho


Plum collared shirt & navy trousers

Costello Tagliapietra was specifically thinking about ways in which they could re-interpret their design work, to reflect upon themselves, going even back into one’s own history. So with this collection, imagine this — “A forest trail leads to a lone house deep in the woods. SHE is making her way there!”


Fawn & bark funnel neck dress

So of course as this fashionable lady is making her trek, she would desire some very specific attire. The brand composed plaids by building up layers of colored grids. Then, thru threading lines of yarn over and across each other, these intricate plaids were created. And then of course as I mentioned, besides lots of plaid-work, there are also many suspenders’ looks, as well as some super chic dresses.


Slate haltered dress

This collection truly evokes the colors, smells, and sounds one would stumble upon while deep in the forested trails, being grounded to the earth. But there is a sense of something more, something magical and unknown. The color palette is then derived from photography of woods and forests, abstracts, painting in watercolor, using this to map out the tones and hues for these pieces, setting the mood! Colors seen are deep burgundies, mint green, navy blue, olive green, and more.


Dark spruce crepe pant & slate green shirt with floral embroidery

This collection is full of RTW, lots of base, staple pieces needed for any wardrobe. But all in all, it is still very thought provoking. It does leave something to the imagination, captivating you from start to finish!


Bronze woven cardigan wrap dress

Celebs making an appearance — model Cory Kennedy, Nigel & wife Cristen barker, Miss J alexander, actress Shanola Hampton, Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes; Natalie Bergman; Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy & actress Crystal Dickinson.





Show credits —


  • Fragrance/Scent — MiN NY — “To score this beautiful production, we composed an original fragrance inspired by Costello Tagliapietra’s mood boards for the collection. Using our OLD SCHOOL BENCH MiN NY SCENT STORIES, volume 1, as a base, notes of bergamot, angelica root, green grass, lily of the valley, wood wax, rum, cedar wood, vanilla, patchouli, veriver roots, and bay will greet you upon arrival and farewell.”


Forest green satin cape dress







Fawn & bark crossover V-neck dress with red plaid funnel neck

  • Sound Designer — Erich Bechtel & Alex Herrin of Audible Difference Inc
  • Photography — Randy Brooke
  • Videography — B Productions


Pine crepe pant and  hand stitched vest with midnight hand stitched plaid shirt


Plum jacket & gaucho

  • Models & Agencies — APM NY, Fenton, Fusion, NY Models, Major, Marilyn Agency, Silent, Wilhelmina, Mc2, Click, & W360.


Hand stitched plaid shell & tweed pant


Rose wrap front dress


Plum hand-stitched plaid shell & plum satin pleaded circle skirt

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