Chapter A/W 2015 – The Unknown


Chapter menswear presented a unique showing for their NYMD presentation, held at Industria Superstudio, hosted by Cadillac. The set design here was extremely unique, attention-getting right from the start. But it was a quiet simplicity that somehow made the noise, still allowing for the focus to go right to these minimalistic looks.


Chapter’s A/W 2015 UNKNOWN collection combines inspiration from 2 very distinct eras – the development of space exploration in the 50s and the emergence of the cyberpunk sub-genre in the 80s. Seemingly unrelated, but yet inextricably interwoven, the growth and evolution of modern day science fiction are both pivotal advancements that delve into the UNKNOWN, with a sense of opportunity, potential, and the intrigue of endless exploration.


With a goal of going beyond the physical reach, the collection offers an eye for asymmetrical details, analog-inspired patchwork, and translucent fabrics. Dark hues of purple, blue, green, and black set the tone for the season. The resulting aesthetic is harsh, unbalanced, and minimalistic.


In modern usage, Chapter is stylistically complex, even contradictory in design and movement, but drawn together as a unified whole. Chapter manifests a taste of importance with the desire to evoke underlying emotional states of grandeur and visceral appeal focused around the individual man.


Show credits –

  • Executive Producer – Frank Delgadillo
  • Creative Director/Designer – Devin Carlson
  • Show Producer – Julie Shumaker
  • Production Manager – Billy Garner




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