Bespoken: A Collection that Can Transition a Man from Day to Night

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It was such a surprise that on my 1st NYFW outing to not only attend my planned show, but also see a 2nd show. I was pleasing to view the Spring/Summer 2014 collection for Bespoken. There was certainly a mixture in this collection. There were looks that could transition with ease from day to night, looks that were very dressy to cool and casual. It was also nice to see the mixing of both dressy and casual together in one look. What is Bespoken calling for with trends in Spring/summer 2014.

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The color trend of muted or warmer shades were certainly in abundance. Bespoken men will perhaps be allowing the women to be bold with pops of color. It was intriguing in that even though the colors were muted, they still hold the ability to work in the spring and summer months. I think it was the combination of the colors that elicited this thought. There was olive and grey colored pieces. Also, there were shades of blue from sky blue to navy blue. All of this was intermixed with each other and then also the more classic or staple colors for men with blacks, whites or tans.

The colors spoke to some major trends. But, there was also combinations of really any shirt, an oxford or short sleeved, to go with a sweater. Men can also accessorize it up in the spring-pleated caps, attache cases or skinny ties. The trend or statement to be made is mix your dressy pieces such as blazers with that of your more casual pieces, such as sweatpants.

These were some of my favorite pieces:

100_4989 Grey Short sleeved patch pocket shirt; grey Jullian shirt; grey chapling chino short; Grey-striped pleat panel cap; Grey suede aberdeen boot

100_4994 Olive Warren sweater; Grey Saint James oxford shirt; grey selvedge pocket chino short; brown leather attache case; grey suede Aberdeen boot

100_5000 Blue fleck short sleeved shirt; Blue Oxford/Saint James; Blue paisley skinny tie; navy formal trousers; blue paisley pleat panel cap; brown attche case; navy suede summer derby shoe


  • Styling: Anthony Unwin
  • Hair: Prive
  • Make-up team: Hair Room Service
  • Tailoring: STITCHED UP

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Another great aspect, some free beverages as provided by Ketel One, Owl’s Brew & Peroni.

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