Fashion Week Journeys — Lots of RTW for Women, Get Ready!

NYFW takes you to many venues, if it’s MBFW, you are at Lincoln Center. But home to many other runway presentations is Chelsea Piers. Let’s check out some dynamic designers that showcased their RTW women’s apparel for S/S 2015!

455042356.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 VIVIENNE HU

Vivienne Hu knows what women want in their wardrobes. As a former investment banker, Hu knows Wall Street women and is now infusing her true passion and knowledge into design. Since her fashion week debut in 2012, she has been successfully channeling the independent, sexy New York woman in her designs.


The collection was extremely versatile, featuring both light, airy pastels that characterize the playful, soft side of a woman, and bold neutrals that designate power and influence. Although there was a delicate, feminine side to the collection, it certainly did not lack in strength. The other side of the collection captivated the sexy, independent side of a woman, with bold neutrals, cropped hemlines, and loud prints.


While being able to capture the essence of the many sides of a New York woman is not a new talent of Vivienne Hu’s, her Spring/Summer 2015 collection exceeded well beyond past collections. Through her versatility and ability to cater to a broad spectrum of women, Hu remained true to her classic contemporary roots.



Karolyn Pho — Designer Karolyn Pho’s fifth collection definitely had a story that she wanted everyone to see. The Pho’s Girl for the Spring/Summer  ’15 season is a nomad, a traveler basically one that forgot her self-preception. We follow her as she meanders through castles in the air, traipses between realities and crosses unknown borders.

The collection was presented at Pier 59 Studios. In classic Pho form, she dabbled in the menswear details such a double breast lab coat paired with nurse clogs. This collection served a clean slate for the designer where she showcased her flow of feminitity and innocence.


There was a lot to take in with this collection — trendy dresses, separates, day dresses, outerwear, &  more. This season she aims to further abstract the conditioned perception of femininity and masculinity, with a color palette inspired by the Med-Deco architecture of Miami. Pho utilized a great sense of color from delicate pastels in sky blue and soft pink to neutrals in tans and beige, and even to some bold pops of color such as forest green & tangerine orange.

The collection featured sky blue pinafore day dresses and racerback tank dresses, while Pho’s first foray into sequins as debuted in patch dresses and sequin back t-shirts.









Fashion Week Journeys — Always So Much to See!

Being out on the daily for fashion week, there is really just sooooooo much to see. The result is for sure a jam-packed filled day of fashion, which is of course not a bad thing! It’s great to see a vast array of design talent. Here are a few examples of some designers I ran across on my fashion week journey that run the gamut of exotic appeal to extreme design to truly inspired pieces!

454990694.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000          LIBERTINE

Libertine’s S/S 2015 collection for MBFW bore an image of the witty and famously acerbic socialite Pat Buckley. “I was so obsessed with Pat in the ’80s that I made scrapbooks of her!” gushed L.A.-based designer Johnson Hartig. “I had thousands of inspirations,” said Hartig, exaggerating only slightly. “Like, I saw these ravers at a music festival with a bunch of bead necklaces. I immediately decided I had to have that, too.” So he did, as well as hippie-girl patchwork, randomly placed decals, comic-book prints, decorated Wayfarers, and little clutches doused in silver glitter. Meanwhile, the Libertine MO—mixing newly produced items with reworked, BeDazzled vintage pieces—remains the same.


The show started with delicate chiffons and vibrant furs that soon gave way to explosive allover embellishments, crazy candy colors, and what looked like bold designed collage artwork. This was a full on, to the extreme presentation, full of zeal, drama, and passion — looks for both men and women!



There was a lot going on in this collection, but so much that was truly stunning and eye-catching. The spattered tights were a must-have. All of the looks would no doubt make you the center of attention and make you vibrant and full of life!



The bold, daring beauty look was provided by CND Cosmetics. Special guests included — Teen Vogue style & features director Andrew Bevin, Nick Cannon, TV personality Kaitlin Monte, journalist & TV personality Tom Murro, stylist James Aguiar, photographer Andrew Werner, Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman, and co-founder of CND Jan Arnold.



454967076.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000  FRANCESCA LIBERATORE

As one of four winners of the DHL Exported contest, Italian designer Francesca Liberatore was granted the opportunity to introduce her collection at New York Fashion Week. Her spring lineup, which was mostly women’s apparel, but also some menswear, had a very specific point of inspiration: a bird in polluted surroundings that becomes transformed by the litter it encounters.


Taking a break from spring florals, Liberatore chose to enchant viewers with a focus on understated, refreshing bird prints that were inspired by Asian design. Her collection featured sheer-backed blouses with effortless volume, as well as flowing silk bird prints that combined with long, clean graphic button-downs.


Beauty look was courtesy of Patricia Yankee nail color, Tresemme hair by Matthew Curtis, & make-up by Vincent Longo. Special guests included Canadian actress Serinda Swan, teen actress Lilla Crawford, Canadian model Andi Muise, actress Eku Edewor, actress Cassie Scerbo, blogger Nicole Effendy, blogger for Excessories Expert Elizabeth Savetsky, designer Nicole Miller, & Bill Heaney.



454960604.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000            TAORAY WANG

International designer, Taoray Wang launched her first namesake collection for Spring 2015 in New York City at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the global crossroads where fashion meets business and lifestyle. Taoray merges Asian culture with European influences, resulting in unique, elegant designs with global appeal.


This collection emphasizes the style and power of successful women in all walks of life. It pairs that with a soft artistic message inspired by the movie Black Swan and ballet of the same name. The designer explains, “I respect and appreciate how difficult it is for busy women to excel in today’s fast-paced environment. My clean, simple and elegant designs express the innate sense of sophistication one notices with powerful women such as my muse Natalie Portman.”


Clean nails for a natural beauty look was provided by China Glaze. Special guests in attendance were Marri Bucci, Nellie Park, and actress Dong Jie.



In efforts to show Angolan fashion to the world, style visionary and fashion show producer Dinelia Da Silva of Dinelia Productions and Events (Luanda, Angola) has partnered with StyleWise International (NYC), to carefully curate a selection of designers to implode the New York City fashion week scene. The Angola International Fashion Show, also known as AIFS, is a fashion experience established to push the boundaries of creativity, while nurturing the connections and profitable relationships between designers, models, buyers and stylists.

On September 8th, AIFS will platform eight (8) designer collections exclusively for the spring/summer 2015 New York Fashion Week season. All runways shows will take place at the illustrious Helen Mills Event Space in Chelsea. Here are a few of the designers who showcased!

images                LISETE POTE

Pote, an Angola native, presented her renowned collection as dressed by international dignitaries, celebrities and socialites.



ALLEX KANGALA known for impeccably tailored menswear.


FEELO’JE designed by Janay Reymond (Anguilla, Caribbean), is the youngest designer among the ranks. At a mere 17 years old the designer presented a swimwear collection inspired by world travel, family and deeply-rooted culture.


Lucrecia Moreira, one of Angola’s top designers, creates “modern style” with roots in tradition.


Leanne Marshall Designs for the Modern Ethereal Woman


For NYFW, Leanne Marshall presented her S/S 2015 collection to an always welcoming crowd at Helen Mills Event Space. The theme was fairy tale-esque, very ethereal. I will always remember that a Leanne Marshall fashion show was the 1st one I ever attended at NYFW when I moved up to NYC 3 years ago. And each and every show I attend, it’s the same feeling, every piece that comes down the runway catches my attention and I am in awe!


From flowing sheer fabrics to structured shapely garments, each silhouette was feminine and soft, yet empowering. Leanne described the collection as being for “a very ethereal woman – someone you would find in the forest – but then she moves to a city and becomes a little more cosmopolitan and sophisticated. So, a cross between a woodland fairy and an urban woman.”


Detailed features of this collection were fabrics to create a delicate balance between free flowing movement & structure, so use of tulle and sheer organza.


Lots of sheer organza overlay!


Peach tulle & organza, providing for structure, but also ease of movement!


Leanne also incorporated the use of varying floral prints and fabrics, but manipulated them very gracefully to work with a vast array of styles and silhouettes.


Basics in black and white were used,


but there was also some lovely pops of color in mint green


and light, soft hues, such as tans, off-whites, creams.


But what’s always great about Leanne’s designs are her ability to replicate her signature aesthetic to work for a modern woman who is on the go. She really knows how to be and is a very versatile designer. Her looks can take you from day to night, from formal occasions to less formal ones. You can find separates, cocktail dresses, semi-formal looks, and full on eveningwear.


This is definitely one of my most favorite looks — sheer organza overlay, side cutouts, use of a dominant floral print as seen throughout this collection — the perfect fun, girly, flirty, feminine cocktail dress!



Hair & make-up were courtesy of Aveda.


Hair was done in a chic up-do.


While the make-up’s focus was to re-emphasize the ethereal look and almost give the models an alien-esque quality. The Aveda and design team worked tirelessly to pull off the exact look they wanted!


Leanne as fully amazed me yet again — such a creative mind, who sticks to her design aesthetic and makes clothes that all women would love to wear!












Fashion Week Journeys — Innovative Presentations & a 1st-Time Showing

It’s a great day for fashion week when you get to experience innovative and dynamic showings. And yes, even being a part of a talented designer’s 1st presentation for NYFW. Let’s start by looking at a seasoned presenter first, Son Jung Wan.

454777090.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000            SON JUNG WAN

In her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2015, Son Jung Wan presented at Lincoln Center, during MBFW. Her runway presentation was a creation of perfect harmony, reminiscent of the Yin and Yang found in nature. The collection was filled with rich, vivid colors inspired by nature and it’s natural elements. Models were adorned in shades of blue, green, and berry, accented only with an occasional gilded line or patch of sheer fabric for embellishment. There were a few looks in off-white and creams, made of chiffon & soft linen. There was also some very much needed pops of pizazz, seen in sequins & total iridescence.

son jung wan ss153

The collection was entitled “Dualism”, demonstrating contrasting elements to create balance. Son Jung Wan paid such close attention to the details of these varying looks — a jewel-encrusted back zipper or lines of gold fabric cutting thru sheer mesh. Thus, looks were very dynamic from all angles!


Special guests in attendance — Dan Murphy, model Brian Shimansky, actress Kelly Rutherford, Kate & Alex Lundqvist, Kelly & Thadeus Ann Bensimon, Michelle Falk, and model Garrett Neff.



Amir Taghi4

Amir Taghi unleashed a world of chiffon and satin for his S/S 2015 collection during NYFW, runway presentation held at Helen Mills Event Space. The collection had a very cool look, chic, and easygoing, all by making use of light pastels, lilacs, baby blues and ivory. The clothing itself was simple yet sophisticated, minimalism at it’s best!

Amir Taghi1

“I was trying to portray someone who is really fierce and not afraid to show who they are,” Taghi said in an interview for Washington Square News. Taghi found inspiration in strong female figures such as Bianca Jagger. “[Jagger] was not afraid to wear tuxedos,” Taghi said. “She was very very confident in what she wore and didn’t care about what people thought.”

Amir Taghi3

This was Taghi’s first showing during NY fashion week and this was a job well done! There was a lot of versatility in this collection, so many varying silhouettes and styles to offer — separates, cocktail dresses, and more formal pieces. This was a show from head to toe, the looks to the accessories (cool shades) to sleek hair (slicked back high ponytails), & to clean, fresh make-up beauty looks.

Amir Taghi2

Alon+Livne+Presentation+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+gSXzbX78mxel    ALON LIVNE

Alon Livné captivated the audience at The Hudson Hotel during MBFW with his well-defined edge for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. As the show began, Ariana & the Rose took the stage with live pulsing music that matched the energy Livné constructed in his architecturally and aquatically inspired collection. And it was clear, his traditional aesthetic of being sculptural was still present and very clear in intent.


Optic colors in black and white leather were quite featured in this presentation. Also seen were sizzling sequins, spiraling shapes, and significant cutouts. There was a great deal of silhouettes present — in floor-length gowns, cocktail dresses, and jumpsuits.



Katya Leonovich chose to be quite innovative for her S/S 2015 collection with the use of 3D printing. Her designs came down the runway with an architectural structure yet subtle ease, courtesy only of this new-age fabric. The only way to describe this collection is classics in a futuristic world!


A vast majority of the pieces seemed to be as if optical illusions were coming down the runway. The line’s summer nature came thru very clear in grey metallics, chic & sexy. The allure & appeal was all futuristic, but never turning into tastelessness.


Project Runway Goes Super Cute this Week

Yep! So much about this week’s episode of Project Runway was just down right super cute — the American Doll theme, the designers working with kids, the kids being the models and thus, getting all made-up & rockin’ the runway! Well……almost everything was super cute, minus some designer tensions and the norm judges’ critiques — not quite as warm & fuzzy!


Tim Gunn & Heather Northrop, Senior Design Manager of the American Girl Doll brand (also one of this week’s guest judges), delivered the challenge instructions for the week. The designers had to create age-appropriate looks for younger models, again, young girls (ages 9-12 I believe was the range). American Girl has been freshening & expanding their brand via fashion with “BeForever” — taking from signature classic doll looks, and creating modern, wearable styles for girls today. Each designer would be paired with a BeForever character to create a young, modern look for children to wear.


The designers had 30 minutes to sketch and learn about their doll’s character and life story. They could read the doll’s attached storybook, glance around at displays in the American Girl store, and even ask questions to their young models. For this 1-day challenge, American Girl provided fabrics the designers could use. But a Mood trip was also still an option, with a $150 budget on hand.


Sandhya was certainly a focal point of this week’s episode, generally not a good sign with how PR likes to foreshadow results with their editing magic. So first, we saw a little tension at Mood between Sandhya & Korina due to Sandhya interrupting Korina’s time with a Mood employee. We also saw Tim & Sandhya disagreeing quite a bit during his consult, leaving Tim to say that he often doesn’t get what she does, but the judges seem to like it, so I will leave you be. And then as the designers were back to the Gotham apartments, Sandhya was frustrated over other designers not understanding her point of view or aesthetic. Many viewers are on the same page as the designers though! But I think what Emily had said during her confessional was spot on. It’s hard not to take things personally when it involves your work, your designs, something which is of course, so personal to the creator. On the other hand, when the judges critiques make zero sense as to how someone landed in the top 3 or won a challenge, questions are going to arise and confusion will clearly surface.


Kini was experiencing an early designer’s block, but Speedy Kini was soon back and stronger than ever as he completed several different looks before settling on the separates he chose for the runway.


Tim & Char were also on different pages this week during his consult. He wanted her to ditch the fringe, but she decided to keep it with the look. Heck, even her doll’s look had some fringe and with this season also being a season of many fringe looks, why not right! It definitely worked in her favor as she snagged a top 3 spot!


Emily was another bit of a focal point during this week’s episode. She has her own children’s clothing line. This should have been her challenge right! Wrong! She actually landed in the bottom 3, more details later!


The morning of the runway came and a few were still in busy bee mode. Joining American Doll design manager Heather, was Mad Men actress Elizabeth Moss.



The top this week was pretty clear cut, not much disagreement in my opinion. As mentioned earlier, Char did not take Tim’s advice in ditching her fringe. Char’s look definitely deserved a top 3 nod! Many looks this week seemed more on the mature side for kids, but Chars’ was very age appropriate. She chose bold colors, but they were super fun and also going with my title for this post, Super Cute! The fringe vest was clearly part of her doll, Kaya’s story.

This look was a modern take for Kaya, sticking true to her ancestry, story, and roots, but clearly youthful and updated. She stuck to the challenge and deserves the great compliments received from the judges and viewers!





Shout-out also for Philip B. hairchic side braid, complete with a bow matching her tan fringe vest.


Korina worked on a modern look for Josefina. I’m very happy she landed a top 3 spot with her super cool, super cute, graphic, and fun tiered look. It was so well deserved! I’m not sure if she finished her tiered patches exactly the way she wanted to. I know she was working up to the very last second. And so I think if she had a bit more time she could have won this week. But hey, top 3, not too shabby at all!


Just as Char did, Korina too was spot on with the challenge. She really stuck to Josefina’s story and created a modern look. It was very touching that she included the color yellow, which was integral to her doll’s story — I believe it was related to the loss of her mother, and so Josefina always integrated yellow into her wardrobe somehow. Shout-out also for Philip B. Hair, the pigtail braids were perfect for the character. And, a shout-out to Aldo, I’m assuming this was their red hat, but nonetheless, it was perfect for the challenge.


Rounding out the top 3, and this week’s winner, was Speedy Kini! Kini’s look was a bit mature for a 9-12 year old, but young girls love to, on occasion, get a little dressed up. There is no harm in a child having a look or 2 in their wardrobe that is not for the everyday, but for a very special event or moment. Kini’s plaid dress and coat were so well made and the dress really had some nice touches/details — the cutouts, the volume, etc.!


I think it’s important to remember that this look was supposed to have a connection with the Samantha character. And with that in mind, I believe he did create a modern look based off of the doll’s character and story. Shout-outs to Philip B. hair for this wavy do and Aldo Shoes for the perfectly coordinated black flats.


Sean has been riding a top 3 & winning look stride for the past few weeks, but this time around, he narrowly escaped being in the bottom 2. I think a couple of judges had more to say about Emily’s look so this was his saving grace! Generally, a look that is too basic is almost always in jeopardy of going home, but again, Sean overcame that hurdle as well. But that was his biggest issue, this look was just a bit too bland. It does look super comfy, but I think Nina was spot on in her critique. Julie was in the era of the 70s, a time where use of color was so prominent, and this look was all blue, full pun intended!


There was an updated market with boho chic that Sean could have taken with his design direction, but this print, the lack of color used, was a missed opportunity.


Emily’s resulting bottom 3 placement, well really bottom 2, was the surprise, for me, this week. I did think with her already having experience in making children’s clothes, having her line and all, that she would have not been in jeopardy of going home. In fact, when it came down to her & Sandhya, I was for sure she would end up going because the judges seemed to be so enamored with Sandhya. Had this happened, surprising feelings would have been in addition to unfair, shocking, and much more heat-filled emotions!


Speaking to Emily’s look specifically, there were aspects I liked, but also, some I didn’t. The knit top and the netted face mask were the latter! I don’t think she needed the face piece since her tulle voluminous skirt was enough of a show element. The younger model clearly was not a fan of it either! The knit top also seemed very dated — not much of a modern feel for Rebecca. I did enjoy the luminescent tulle skirt though. In fact, I thought this skirt was very fun and playful! I think paired with a different top, the direction might have been more accepted by the judges. But with this top, the judges thoughts on the look being a little frumpy, too dark of colors, kind of made some sense. I’m still not sure she deserved such harsh critiques and a bottom 2 placement, but hopefully she can bounce back strong!


This left Sandhya rounding out the bottom 3 and going home this week. Honestly, when I saw this look, I clearly thought it was worthy of elimination. But after last week, and her crazy clown-like ensemble being in the top 3, I really didn’t know what the judges would think. Because they finally seemed to be on the same page as me, I can’t say I wasn’t 100% pleased with this decision. I’ve not been a fan of many of Sandhya’s looks this season. But my frustration and overzealous confusion arose because the judges seemed to love her looks, yet never clearly explained why.


And I get a designer going out on a look they love, but clearly Sandhya was not having any critique this week. First she bypassed Tim’s comments and then, she clearly disagreed with everything the judges had to say. I know a ton of girls in the age range of 9-12 and I can’t think of any who would want to wear this, making them appear much more baby-like. Taking a more costume-y look like Emilys’ or a more mature look like Kinis’, girls would want to wear those because they get to dress up a bit, pretend they are a bit older. But Sandhya’s look for Caroline really did look like a child’s onesie. I don’t think she got what age appropriate meant for a child. Yes, a look can still be fun and playful. But what a child might wear at the age of 3, is not something children would want to wear at 10. Many of Sandhya’s looks this season have lacked sophistication, this one included. I’m glad the judges were finally able to see this and that they made the right decision with her elimination. Creativity and risk-taking are always appreciated in my book. But the end result, or a designer’s overall portfolio of work, should have some sense of high fashion and/or sophistication, not just DIY looks with way too many elements going on.

Question, so now that the designers don’t have immunity anymore, will there at least be something in store for the winning looks each week?? For example, this week, will Kini’s look actually be sold thru American Girl — did I miss that announcement?!?






Classic Style Icons & Their Famous Sayings Inspire Charlotte Ronson


For S/S 2015, Charlotte Ronson presented an excitingly feminine dream to the MBFW crowd at The Hudson Hotel. The fashionable crowd first found quotes from classic style icons, such as Elizabeth Taylor, while taking in tunes spun by esteemed DJ Samantha Ronson, renditions of Purple Rain. This collection was all about the fun and flirty empowered female. And with inspired fashion icons to help lead the way, it’s no surprise this presentation showcased looks any woman would be proud and happy to don!


“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself aloud.” Coco Chanel


The clothes were of course frequented by Ronson’s signature feminine prints. This season, she opted for groundbreaking floral prints of a wide variety, such as a girly ruffled frock in a fresh, watercolor floral pattern.


“I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.” Elizabeth Taylor


Other standout featured pieces include a perforated Neoprene sweater with an organza insert.


Clean, simplistically minimalistic off-white maxi, also showcasing a featured color of this collection’s palette, off-whites, creams.


And a perforated dress with sheer overlay neckline in navy blue, another featured tone for this collection’s color palette.


“I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.” Katherine Hepburn


Models sported middle parts and the occasional pair of circular sunglasses in bright white or tan with blue or black lenses.



For beauty and make-up, the designer opted for a very natural and fresh look, courtesy of Temptu airbrush make-up, and nails of a very organic coloring, courtesy of OPI.


“The first thing to do my love, is to arrange to be born in Paris, after that, everything follows quite naturally.” Diana Vreeland (noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion — Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue).


This collection hit a stride on finding a delicate balance between opposite ends of the fashionable spectrum. The looks were soft and easy-going, yet still screamed “I am a strong, empowered, very feminine woman.” The looks were fun and flirty, yet still have the capability of showing off a little sexiness. Also, there was a clear mod, 60s inspiration, but the looks were still updated and very modern with trends such as sheer overlay, lace detailing, and trendy silhouettes.



 Not only did the fashionistas of NYC line up to see this presentation, but so did many major celebs and fashion industry insiders —




  • Angela Simmons







This collection presented so many looks to instantly fall in love with. I, like many other women, truly want to dress comfortably, yet still be chic, look casual/easy-going, but still feel confident and sexy. Charlotte Ronson has done just this for S/S 2015, a job well done!





Sally LaPointe — Spring Cleaning Anyone?!?

Sally LaPointe New York Fashion Week  Spring Summer 15 New York September 2014

For Spring 2015, Sally LaPointe thought about the idea of spring cleaning — approaching the season by cleaning the visual palate. The result, a fresh, confident, and committed collection. And the looks were really just that — clean lines, crisp feel, and so chic!


LaPointe describes the collection as being “void of confusion and excess. It is boiled down to only core essentials. The act of stripping away reveals a sense of confidence and ease in the clothing.” With this there is a clear focus on each look being very cool and with a high luxury vibe. LaPointe has applied her traditional powerfully feminine, linear aesthetic to relaxed silhouettes, which even further aides in delivering this clear and focused message and point of view for her S/S 2015 collection!


This collection has a lot to offer and takes one on a fashion-filled journey —

easy going silhouettes and separates


lower hemlines on full-cut trousers


carefully draped tops, and some even cropped!


The color palette goes with the relaxed, chic, and easygoing vibe of the overall collection in that of cool hues and tones. As seen above, there is tons of black and optic white, but also varying shades of purple, i.e. magenta & lavender;


and blush.


Stand-out featured pieces for the collection include sculpted dresses in techno jersey


and artisanal knits with ostrich feather accents.


Feathers are featured on several key dresses, furthering the concept of a fresh start. Lapointe considers them as uplifting and symbolic of a higher power. The feather-work is translated into oversized graphic prints. Images of feathers were magnified, producing a painterly effect. Key fabrications include lightweight bonded silk, double-faced jersey, printed chiffon, pebbled leather, and silk gazaar.



LaPointe adds, “The idea of letting go was my focus this season. I wanted to deliver a collection that was clear and concise, amplifying the power and conviction of the clothes.” This collection didn’t have a lot of fuss; it was the clothes, the garments themselves, that did all of the talking. And I loved this collection and what it had to say. The pieces were well made, high quality, very luxurious, and versatile. Kudos and high marks from Fashion Nexus to Sally LaPointe!




The beauty, make-up look was very clean, very fresh, to keep in line with the underlying theme of the collection — lightly bronzed cheeks, light coral lip, and lavender eyes.


There were some amazing accessories that were also a part of this show, from coordinating handbags/totes to exquisite silver belts.



Special guests in attendance —




  • May Kwok, DJ & downtown NYC fashion figure





  • Athena Calderone, lifestyle blogger, Eye Swoon



Additional presentation details —










Check Out Zimmermann’s Celestial Vision with “Tell Me Seer”


For S/S 2015, RTW fashion brand Zimmermann went celestial, taking the powers of intuition from concept to execution with “Tell Me Seer.” “I wanted to create a collection that was airy, light, and had plenty of movement. It was from this starting point that I was led to the astrological inspiration, and all of the rich imagery and references that it evoked. Tarot cards, birth stones, and mystery” says Australian designer Nicky Zimmermann.


A more specific inspiration was the tarot card illustrations by David Palladini. Zimmermann purchased one of his original 1960s artworks, reviving it on the clean canvas of a scuba tee. She fell instantly in love with the artist’s art nouveau-style astrological illustrations.




The collection fleshed out from a base inspiration to that of full-on, RTW looks, utilizing technically modern fabrics, coated silks, as well as scuba and rubber coatings, which add a sleek finish to outerwear, including sleeveless trenches and wrap jackets.These types of looks, along with many others, are what takes this collection to a new and sophisticated direction, drawing on the whimsy of fortune-telling pastimes.


Zimmermann’s signature contrast of feminine and masculine influences breaks through in standout looks. Gold foil jacquard, translucent sequins, and woven metallic threads add a futuristic shimmer to various looks. It was these intricate details that made these pieces so stunning, very eye-catching!


Injections of tailoring and accordion pleats smarten looks spilling with untamed lace, that along with handkerchief dresses with full caplets and floating neckties play up the impact of volume. There is a delicate balance of fit and volume, which is nicely achieved.


The celestial vibe is seen throughout this collection, whether it was the style of the look, the silhouette, its shape, but certainly in the color palette. All in all, each decision ensures the appeal of fantasy is still entirely wearable. There are basics in black & white, but also some teal green and wisteria blue.


Leather in warm grey tones, is layered on top of sheer slip dresses and relaxed mens-style shirting sits sexily off the shoulder, with asymmetrical fastenings wrapping around the body. There is a chic ease about this collection that scream “FASHIONISTA”!! Any burgeoning fashionable young woman would love the easy, free-flowing vibe this collection gives off.


Many of the pieces are perfect for dynamic transitions and versatility — high fashion streetwear, a bold Sunday brunch look, summer cocktail parties, beach get togethers, and more. Bell shapes and flashes of skin are broken up by pinstriped boilersuits and cropped trousers.


Prints are diverse and layered. Moonstones and zodiacs continue the mystic-bent, mixed with medusa–inspired snake print and a darker burnout floral. Geometric constellations appear in customized trims and metal beads embedded in elaborate panel lines.


Star motifs re-appear in swimsuits which apply silver metallic embroidery and body contouring precision to couture-effect.


Fine chain necklaces with pagan charms are draped in mass and open toed mules are stamped with crested moon motifs in combinations of navy and lilac, and burgundy and pink to complete the collection. So yes, the celestial inspiration is head to toe, accessories & all!


Special celeb guests made appearances —




What a great S/S presentation, unique, memorable looks, alluring details, and perfect RTW for the everyday modern woman.




CuteCircuit — Technology Couture


With interactive textiles and intelligent microfibers, CuteCircuit is the marriage between couture and technology. The designer for the brand, Francesca Rosella, brought a childhood dream to life with launching this stylish label alongside her partner, CEO Ryan Genz. It was another dream come true with presenting the brand’s S/S 2015 collection, during MBFW, located at The Hudson Hotel.


Set to upbeat pop music, the models strutted down a neon-orange “circuit” runway while the metallic fabric of their high-low dresses, maxi skirts, and satin robes flowed behind them. There was a great fit and flare aspect. With that, women of many different sizes could don these pieces and feel fashion forward.


Shades of blue, orange, and gold are this season’s colors, coupled with basics in black & white.


Stage lights illuminated the runway with rays of cobalt and orange while models donned electric blue eyeshadow and orange acrylic nails to complement.



Technological garments and accessories are what truly stole the show. Clutches spelled out “LOVE” in scrolling LED letters while dresses embedded with movement sensors beamed in a rainbow palette and sporty jackets glowed with luminescent lapels and linings. The beaming technology, the intricate details of a given look, were very stunning, appealing, and eye-catching!



The pieces are meant to partner with a mobile app that CuteCircuit created, which allows the wearer to change the features of the garment with the push of a button. This aspect increases wearability, as the garment functions to change day by day with the wearer’s wish or again, simply the click of a button!


This spring/summer 2015 collection encompassed many options — evening attire, flirty daytime numbers and outerwear. There was even swimwear!



Fashion is often linked to other industries, technology, automobiles, etc. Fashion and technology, as seen here, are a perfect marriage. Being fashion forward, innovative, and modern are great aspects for any designer and brand to have. Rosella is offering such a great service to CuteCircuit with this futuristic thinking — GREAT WORK IS THE CLEAR RESULT!





Nicholas K. Takes us to the Saharan Desert

Nicholas K, for S/S 2015, took us to the Saharan Desert — chic, layered, head to toe inspired looks. There were plenty of safari and utilitarian influences. And working in quite easily, fluid fabrics that were layered to perfection — head wraps and all.



The design duo for Nicholas K were specifically inspired by Isabelle Eberhardt, a Swiss explorer in the late 1800s. A road trip through Morocco led brother-and-sister design team Christopher and Nicholas Kunz to look up female explorers who had traveled the region. They found Isabelle Eberhardt, the Swiss explorer who dressed as a man so that she could move freely through turn-of-the-century North Africa. With this collection, the traveler, explorer spirit, was definitely a vibe seen throughout the collection.


Also, there was a strong feel for a masculine play on feminine looks.


To translate the ideas of protection and power into clothes for a modern explorer, Nicholas K. stuck with what they know well — wares for the urban warrior. There were leather shawls, scrunched-up cargo pants, harnesses, and knee guards.


In a novel turn, a little black dress was adorned with an armor of Pilot pens.


Casio G-Shock watches were done with camouflage bands, which complemented the lightweight cotton pieces rendered in a similar print.


Lace-up heels, created in partnership with Korean designer Kiyoon Baek, added a sharp sexiness.


And jewelry designer Victoria Simes’ horsehair accessories emphasized the nomadic, almost wild, look.


The color palette was in basic staples of blacks & whites, but also traditional brand colors in darker tones, greys & olive greens. However the pop of light metallic sky blue was refreshing and I could see it as part of the traveler’s story.



The beauty look of “Saharan Desert Eyes” couldn’t be ignored. It was bold, dramatic, and spot-on for this runway presentation. Ditching the traditional cat eyes, the designer went for little on the lid and everything below the bottom lash line — and all things matte.



“The focus of this look is on the inner corner of the eye,” says Lauren Anderson, Avon’s global celebrity makeup artist.


Tons of special guests showed up to root on this dynamic duo design team —









Also, shout-out to ANTM Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, workin’ NYFW all over the place!


Job well done Nicholas K. for a very inspired collection!